We got to Skype this morning with Elder Larkin and he told us some amazing things.  Mostly it was just wonderful to be able to see him (kind of, really fuzzy connection) and hear his voice.  He is very happy and working hard and just generally having the time of his life.

He did tell us that he has two investigators who have set a date to be baptized.  Both in June, so we will be hoping that all goes well there.

Last P Day they went with a couple of investigators to the island Hortitsa that he has written about a lot.  This island used to be a Cossack fort and now they have demonstrations and re-enactments etc.

He sent us a video of one demonstration where he was called out of the audience.  They are trying to slice a cucumber while he is holding it.  The second video was later that night at the branch presidents house.  I am not sure what is going on, but they think it is funny.

One of our favorite parts of Skyping was listening as he received a phone call from a member of their branch.  I have no idea what they said because it was in Russian but it was amazing to listen to.  It was a miracle to be able to listen to them converse and to hear him laugh.

Enjoy the videos!




Hello Everybody!

Transfers were this week and I was transferred BACK TO ZAP!  I was so stoked.  I arrived in Zaporozhye on Monday evening and I immediately went to a branch youth party on the beach at Hortitsa. It was awesome, it was SOOOOOOO good to see Andrei, Sergei, Lena, Arina, Rita and all the other homies again.

I love it here. Zaporozhye’s branch is the best branch in Ukraine. By far. It has to be.  They are so fun and so energetic and their testimonies of the gospel are so strong.  So yeah Monday was awesome and then on Tuesday we went and did English contacting with Elder Litchfield and Elder Felt. It was good to see them again too, they are great friends.

That night we had English which you already know was incredible. And after we met with Michael!!!!!!! Do you remember me telling you about him before?  He is the guy from Africa.  It was so good to see him again, he’s got a flat top now hahahaha and he taught me a dance called the Shakhiti Bobo lolllllll. It was so funny.

We actually had a super good lesson with him. Yo dad, we showed him the talk you sent me, the one about Dresden being destroyed and rebuilt. The spirit was SOOO strong in that lesson. We all came out of it crying and Michael said he would pray about a baptismal date and we’d talk about it with him next time!!!!

The same thing happened with Vlad, we took him to Hortitsa and went biking and we stopped at this super super beautiful spot and had a lesson with him. He said he’d pray about a date and we’d talk about it next time!! So this next week we could have two guys on date. Pray for them, they need it!!!!

This weekend we went to Dnepr for district conference and Michael and Vlad were able to come up with us. The bus ride up was soooooooooooooooooo much fun, we played tons of games and turned up to some one direction the bus driver was playing. It was the dream. Michael is so funny because he dresses like a G and acts like a G but he loveessssss one direction and katy perry hahahahaha it’s so funny. He’s a homie. Oh man, Zap is the dream.

Last night we ate dinner with a member named Alina who is about 20 years old but she can’t walk so she uses a wheel chair. She is absolutely AWESOME. She is always so happy despite her trials, and she is super self reliant. I think she even lives by herself but I’m not sure. She’s so awesome. It’s so good to see all the people here I love, it was pretty lit.

Oh yeah, hahahaha we found an actual burger restaurant here that is absolutely DELICIOUS. It’s almost american. They gave us like food service gloves to eat the burgers haha it was pretty funny.  So my other glasses uh kinda broke haha. I found a place here that makes prescriptioned glasses for 300 griven which is like 15 bucks. so I bought some new glasses haha. I love em!!!
Ohhhhh I forgot to tell you, I translated for Sister Sullivan at the conference in Dnepr yesterday hahahaha. My head has never hurt so bad in my life lolllll. AND I had to translate for Michael for the rest of the meeting. There was a point where I didn’t understand a dang thing except for the word health, so I just told mike “health” haha the elders and mike died laughing it was so funny.
Have a great week!  I will be on Skype at 9 am your time next Sunday!  I can’t wait!  Love you all!
Elder Larkin
Hortitsa Island
American Burgers with gloves!
P1250389 (1)
Zap Distruct
Hortitsa Island
Vlad on Hortitsa
Elder Peterson on Hortitsa
On the Marshrutka headed for Conference
KFC in Dnepr

Two Weeks in One

This is not on Elder Larkin, it is on me….I failed to post last weeks so I will post that one first, then this weeks, then a few pictures.

Hey Everybody!
OK so I’ve been hearing that Trump is sending a fleet to North Korea???? We don’t get like any news out here, I heard this from Andrei. What’s going on out there? I’m not worried or anything I’m just curious. This last week was crazy, here’s what went down.
We found soooooooooo many new people to work with,  we got so many people now. We are going to convert the whole Topol district of Dnepr. I met this super sick dude who’s from Israel and he is RIPPED. He’s hugeeee. He boxed for a long time in Israel and he lived in the states for a while but now he’s pursuing a medical career here in Ukraine. Dudes a baller. His name is Fetty hahahahahaha like Fetty wap.
What a time fam what a time. So we met with Stas this last week and we had a very interesting meeting with him. He asked us if we ever did drugs and we were like Nah bro we aren’t about that life.  We started to give him a spiritual thought and thats the thing… the spiritual thought went WAYYY good. Like Stas is a good guy he’s really successful at work and has a lot of money, he’s spriitual and reads the Book of Mormon,,,, but I think he likes to smoke drugs. My heck. We gotta get him off of that stuff.
So we met with Andrei’s family again this week, they are SO SO SO AWESOME. They went and got us pizza and stuff, man I haven’t tasted anything so good. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it went pretty well. President Sullivan wants to meet with them and talk to them so yeahhhhh that’ll be cool. Things are great, I am loving it, KEEP IT REAL.
Elder Larkin
This last week was pretty sick but pretty boring at the same time. We didn’t have too much going on until the weekends but then literally everything went down on Friday and Saturday.
The family that we are working is still doing pretty good, but we’re making a big plan to find out their real intent. And by a big plan I mean we are gonna ask them straight up lol. Our guy Stas is doing pretty well too, we went with him to some baptist concert so yeah that was pretty interesting.
It was actually way funny, there were a bunch of Americans there from the baptist church and they were so surprised to see Mormons in Ukraine. Guys, Mormons are everywhere we are in just about every country on this planet.
We have a bunch of new people to teach who we’re going to try and teach this next week so we are still ballin. Life is good everyone. Do it for the land.
Elder Larkin
Elders in my district
All of the missionaries in the four Dnepr branches

Lots of Pictures

This week was pretty lit. Not a lot happened though. We are making a name for ourselves in the English teaching game. We are starting up our own English class haha cuz since we live in Topol, we do not get to teach a church sponsored English class. It’s awful so we just decided to start up our own, it’s gonna be the most lit English class of all time.

Ohhhh yeah so this week we got to watch General Conference and it was sooooooooooooooo good. Stuff is better than Christmas these days. So good. And we got to meet with our family of investigators!!!!!!  Keep these people in your prayers. They are so amazing, they’re super prepared, and I love them so much. We taught them the restoration and they LOVED it.

Andrei, the dad, told me he needs to read the Book of Mormon. And I told him, yes you need to read it!!! They told us that they are going to read the Book of Mormon and tell us what they read next time so pray for them!!!!!! They are lit. Yeah that’s about all that happened this week.

Oh shoot, I forgot, homies here in Topol tried to break into our apartment again. But that ain’t important.

I love you all, have a good week!!!!!!! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, do it for the land.

Elder Larkin

Cinnamon rolls at general conference. Best thing I have tasted in 10 months. Thanks Sister Sullivan.
We found hamburger buns so we made hamburgers. They were legit.
Our apartment
Our apartment
Our apartment
Our apartment
View from our apartment
Vlads house and family last p day.


Littest is NOT a word


Ok so this week was probably the best one during my time here in Topol. The Lord blessed us with a grand total of 3 new investigators this week. They’re actually a family, Andrei, Tanya and they have a little daughter named Arina. I LOVE THEM they are so awesome!!!!!

We found them while contacting, I was talking to Elder Biesinger in Russian while we were passing them. We heard them say, oh they speak Russian!! And we just turned right around and started talking to them. They are SO nice, and they’ve been looking for missionaries for like forever.

We went over to their house for dinner and we gave them a lesson, and no lie, this is what they told us. “We believe that it is a sign from God that we talked to you on the street.” They already had a Book of Mormon and they are willing to read and pray about it. WE FOUND A FAMILY!! In the most difficult and dangerous area in our mission. Where no one has had success in a long time.

So yeah that was pretty sick, we also found this other guy named Vitali who plays in a rock band. So yeah things are going pretty good out here in Topol. I still have a million African homies and hopefully we can baptize them.

Things are great here, Topol is ballin, we are steadily turning it from the sketchiest area in our mission, into the littest area in our mission. Idk if littest is even a word but who cares. Keep Andrei and his fam in your prayers, they need it!!!! They’re so awesome.

Have a great week.  I am here.  I love you all!

Elder Larkin

P Day in Zap with Elders Peterson, Marks, and Biesinger. This is at Vlads house.
P Day with Vlad, the Elders and his sister.



Hi Everyone!

Yo. I always love everyone’s emails!!! They’re literally the highlight of my week haha. Spring break sounds like it was so fun, I can’t even imagine Sarah doing laser tag hahahahahahaha I’m sure that was a riot!!! I’m really glad that everything with Lauren is good, I was really worried about her too. I’m so happy that everything is getting worked out!!!

That’s funny that you met another mom with a missionary out here, Idk who Elder Toone is but honestly I don’t know who half the mission is anymore haha. Tell Elder Marks’s mom I love Elder Marks. I miss that guy so much, I talked to him last night on the phone and we just laughed at all the hilarious stuff we did. It was so fun to serve with him.

Our mission is BALLIN right now, I think we’ve had a baptism for like 14 weeks consectuivley (idk how to spell anymore. Russian has killed me) which is unheard of here. The people here are so hard-hearted, I met a member in Zap who once told me that he started smoking when he was SEVEN YEARS OLD. That’s like Jens starting to smoke right now. Like what in the heck. It’s awful. But I still love em, the people here are so awesome.

THIS LAST WEEK WAS LIT. Topol is still a scary place with lots of scary people but we are starting to get some peeps. We have become friends with a few of the Dnepr pro basketball players, it’s no big deal actually. I’ve met three of them just on the street, and I actually played ball against one of them.

Last P day, me, Elder Nielsen and the AP’s were playing ball in this park and we saw this super tall guy and we asked him if he played ball and he said yes I play for Dnepr, we were like ohhhhhhhhhhhh dannnnnnggggggg come play ball with us!!! And he actually did!!! He was pretty good but you already know we beat him. Honestly the Dnepr team is about the level of an average high school varsity team. I think that Dixie would ball these guys up.

We actually got to go to one of their games through one of them we met. Max, who plays on their team, invited us. It was actually wayyyyyyyyy fun, it brought me back in the days. Dang I love ball. So yeah that was sick. We now have 5 investigators. OH SHOOT ELDER NIELSEN IS NOW THE NEW AP. This mission is about to turn up haha.. It’s gonna be so awesome. My trainer Elder King is coming back up here to Dnepr so it’ll be good to see him.  HAVE A GOOD WEEK WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Elder Larkin

Pobeda Branch Missionaries
Vlad came to see me!
P Day Laser Tag with the AP’s and other Dnepr Elders
Ukrainian Pro League. Dixie Gym is bigger….