A little note before I post the latest from Elder Larkin.  The picture at the end of the letter is from Sister Sullivan, the mission presidents wife.  In her note this week she talked about the visit from Elder Kacher who is in the area presidency headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.  

Of particular interest is that she told of doing a broadcast to the saints in the Donetsk part of the mission.  This area of course is where the fighting currently happens to be going on between Ukraine and Russia.  There is a district there and several branches.  

One of these branches is in a city called Mariupol and they announced in the broadcast that they have received permission to send missionaries back in there and will be there within a few weeks.  I think that this is significant for a couple of reasons, the least of them being that we have a loved one very close by and who could end up going there.

But mainly I think it is important because it is another testament of the need to reach everyone we can through the missionary program.  It would be great if things were always easy and in completely safe areas but there are other people who need the light of the gospel in their lives even though they are in less desirable or even unsafe places.  That being said I will say my prayers diligently that our Elder Larkin stays far far away from Mariupol…..

Hey Everyone!

How is everything?  Thanksgiving sounds so fun.  Our thanksgiving dinner got switched from Friday to tonight so I’ll let you know how it goes next week. I miss those insane eating contests that Dad does all the time, the one with Elder Holt and Elder Heggie was HILARIOUS.

Yes I am very very warm haha. I have an awesome winter jacket that keeps me as lit as ever. Our apartment is heated, I have lots of blankets, I have a beanie scarf and thermals. I got wool socks and sweaters and all manner of warm clothing so yes I am staying very very warm haha. I don’t have any boots though, I don’t really need them right now. I was thinking about just buying some if I get money for Christmas. It’s honestly not that cold here, it’s way worse for the homies out in L’viv and Kiev. I’m staying way warm don’t even worry.

So this last week was AMAAAAAZZZZZZZIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG. Elder Marks and I are straight killing it. No lie we have soo many people who we are gonna pounce on this week. It’s awesome.

Okay so on Monday we had a General Authority come to Zap and I think it’s safe to say that we missionaries out here were a little intimidated. We were in a meeting with President and Sister Sullivan, along w Elder and Sister Ketcher soooo yeahhhhh it was just a little stressful. Elder Marks was trying to get me to rap to them haha I probably would’ve done it if President Sullivan wasn’t there haha.

Anyways, we had a meeting with them to talk about our investigators and how we can hasten the work here in Zaporozhye. It was really good, and we were able to apply a lot of the things he talked about into our week so that was sick. After our missionary meeting he did like a fireside for members and investigators. Elder Marks and I were the ONLY ONES who had an investigator so you already know we were reppin it for a General Authority!!!!!

Our guy that we had there is wayyyy cool, I dont remember if I already talked about him in past e mails or whatever, but his name is Antone and he’s soooooo funny. He’s the guy I met when I just carried around a chessboard for a day lolllll. He really liked Elder Ketchers fireside a lot so hopefully something will happen with him soon. On Wednesday we went up to Dnepropetrovsk to have zone conference w Elder Ketcher.

It was really good, it’s helped me to aspire to be a better missionary, so yeahhhh I may just baptize the whole nation of Ukraine now. Thursday was Thanksgiving so HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! I actually completely forgot that it was thanksgiving until like after lunch and it kinda threw me off haha. I’ve been out for 5 months already. Time is going by wayyyyy too fast.

On Thanksgiving we went and gave a presentation at a school and IT WAS SOOOOO FUN. It was probably one of my favorite moments on the mission so far. All the kids were like 10-12 years old and they were freaking out that we were americans. As soon as our thing was done (we talked about family values) like 20 kids came to us and were asking to take pics w us hahahaha it was so funny. And then Me and Elder Marks performed our rap for them, so yeahhhh that’s the extent of my rap career. I’m rappin for 10-12 year olds. Elder Marks and I are working on a new song right now hopefully it’ll be coming to ya’ll soon.

On Sunday we had an awesome lesson w Oleg. We got one of our strongest members, Sergei, to help us out with the lesson and Sergei TOTALLY NAILED IT. He told Oleg his conversion story and how his life is so much brighter than before. Oleg started asking him tons of questions, like how does he build his faith and how does he feel the spirit and Sergei BALLED OUT. It was awesome. Hopefully something will happen w  Oleg soon. KEEP PRAYING FOR HIM. He’s awesome.

Thats about it.  A busy week, but I loved every minute.  Thanks for all you do.  I love you all!

Elder Larkin

Zone Conference in Dnepropetrovsk with Elder Kacher