This last week was super good!!!!!! We met with a lot of people, lots of investigators and members. I’m currently trying to get a baptism before I leave this wonderful place. Right now our prospect is my man Baso, we had a super good lesson with him this last week and the guy is progressing rapidly. We’re meeting with him tomorrow and we’re going to try and get him on date. He is the man!!!! Yesterday President Sullivan came to our branch and thankfully all of our investigators came to it haha. WE  HAD LIKE 80 PEOPLE AT CHURCH! The church is growing rapidly here!!!! In the pictures I am sending Baso is the one in the red plaid shirt.  He is from Lebanon.  We also got a new branch presidency yesterday. A missionary who finished his mission when I got here, was called as the branch president. The guy is legit like 22 years old lol and is married and has a kid. Crazy. But ya that’s all, I am outta time, have to go!  HAVE A GOOD WEEK!!!!

Elder Larkin

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