Happy Ukrainian Easter

Ladies and Gentlemen. This week was wild. It was actually quite a roller coaster, a lot of really good stuff happened but probably one of the saddest things also happened.  Nick came really really close to getting baptized, he searched for truth and he thought he found it. However, his parents are Baptists and found out that he was reading the Book of Mormon and have now forbidden him completely to meet with us. He was super upset and wasn’t able to tell us until we just ran into him on the street yesterday. Sad stuff.  Hopefully something changes but I still love the guy.

I had the wonderful opportunity to watch general conference yesterday holy cow…. it was unbelievable. A lot of the time I felt like the speakers were speaking directly to me. I also had the wonderful opportunity to perform a rap song in front of some people in the center of town. Ask my dad for the video if he will give it up, it actually turned out way better than I thought it would.

It was also Easter yesterday so we naturally went to the orthodox temple to get blessed by the wonderful priests there. Easter in Ukraine is pretty lit, we ate lots of cakes and hard boiled eggs.  I am attaching a picture of the cakes they make.  Holiday Paska is round, frosted, sweet bread and is a traditional Easter food cooked to resemble the golden domes of orthodox churches.  The typical greeting between people on Easter here is “Christ is Risen” and the reply is “Indeed, He is risen.”  It has been sick to be a part of this.  Different but kind of the same.

We are on to finding new people to teach.  Have a great week!

Elder Larkin


A Ukrainian Easter basket with the bread and the traditional painted eggs.

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