Before I post the latest I thought it would be fun to post some of what people have sent us recently.  First, a little video sent to us by Mohammad.  His companion and Mohammad surprised him with a cake and “Happy Birthday” sung in Russian at the church building yesterday.  


Also, we have heard recently from Igor.  Igor was in the war and now lives in a hospital as he had to have his kidneys removed.  He is hooked up to an artificial kidney and evidently loves Elder Larkin.  Here is a picture of them together, and then a couple of messages Igor sent to us.  


And  few messages from Igor….

Hello, dear Gavin. My name is Igor. Thanks to faith, fate has given me the opportunity to get acquainted with your wonderful son. He has not only high growth but also a great kind heart and sincere belief in the breast. I will be glad to be useful to him in Ukraine. I will be happy to talk with you. Regards, Igor


Today, our Tanner turned 20 years old. A fully grown man. I hope that the love of people close to him will be with him all his life. Our tall baby likes sweets so much)) I’ll buy him a big box of sweets.

What a sweet man!  Elder Larkin sent us a note last night that he had a wonderful birthday and I am sure that part of that is the kindness from these two men that have loved him so much in the Dnepr Center Branch!  On to his weekly letter!

Hey Everybody!

Elder Vanderpool finally got here last week and now this week I’ve been introducing him to the various members and investigators that we have. Good stuff good stuff. So lately we’ve been working with a guy named Alex, he’s a less active who is working on becoming active again and we’re working with him to get him the priesthood. He is super cool and we had a really good lesson with him this week.

I’m done speaking English. I only speak English on p days and to President and Sister Sullivan. Having a ball. Also this last Monday we visited Igor!!!!!! Igor is probably one of my favorite people on this planet, he’s sooooo awesome. He calls me Magic Johnson lol.  Also his favorite skyscraper.  The guy is incredible.

Today happens to be the day that young Elder Larkin rolled up into the world. Happy birthday to myself, I’m about to turn up. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Elder Larkin

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