FAM THIS WEEK WAS CRAZY. So good though so good. It was a normal week until Thursday, me and my companion had decided that we would get our 2 most progressing investigators on date and so we created a genius plan.

So we meet with first Olya,  (she’s the super good ball player) we went and played basketball with her and I just turned to her on the way there and I was like “Hey do you wanna be a member of our church?” And she was like YA ACTUALLY I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO, I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS FOR A WHILE. So we set a date with her and we are so pumped.

Then, on the same day, we met with our good friend Yevgenee. Yevgenee is a young guy, 26 years old and AWESOME. Same thing. “Bro do you wanna be a member of our church”? And he was like I need to find out truth first and we were like. YES YOU DO BRO, you are SO right. And so we set a baptismal goal for the 3rd of March and went on our way.

Now we were super stoked so we decided to do some celebrating at Mickey D’s and then we went home. Such am awesome day. Now the next morning I wake up and immediately go to get into the shower. I finish my shower get out and someone starts banging on our front door and I’m all like what the heck, I throw on my bath robe real quick, and I answer the door.

It was President Sullivan. I thought it was just gonna be our landlord because he rolls up like that all the time, and I don’t care what he thinks so I’m just in my bathrobe and  shorts.  President just wanted to stop by and do studies with us. Ha ha. So now President has seen me in my bath robe. I am sure it could have been worse.

What a time to be alive. We ended the week by finding a super cool investigator named Kate, and by hanging out with some cool members.  Life is good.

Elder Larkin

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