Two Weeks Worth

I am two weeks behind on posting so this is a double post!  Sounds like a great couple of weeks in Ukraine!

Last Week

Ah boom. This last week was pretty crazy but so SICK. We had transfers, Sister V got transferred to Left Bank and Elder Thornton got transferred to Krivoy Rog. So so so sad. But it’s gonna be ok because I am rooming with Elder Thornton after the mission. With the transfers there is some good news, Elder Tate is coming back to be AP.  That is going to be awesome.

This was a super good week. We found 3 new investigators and had some super good lessons with Slavik who IS GONNA BE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK. He asked me to baptize him and I couldn’t be more honored. So awesome. In one of the lessons with him we had his whole family in on it (his wife and 3 kids) and it was SO cool to see the excitement they had for him. He has been investigating the church for 7 years. And finally he’s getting baptized and I get to baptize him. So so so awesome.

We hung out with our ward mission leader a lot this week, Kostya, helping him move and taking food to all the poor grandmas in our branch. Kostya is the best. I have a list of my 3 best friends that aren’t missionaries, 1st is by far Andrei. I decided to name my first born son after him. Ha ha.  2nd is Mohammed and 3rd is Kostya Barbakova.

He got back from his mission 2 years ago and has the CUTEST family ever. He’s always hooking us up with investigators and does so much good here. And he’s HILARIOUS, I seriously love the dude. Anyways we hung out with him a lot this week helping him out with stuff, he’s going through a rough time right now. His wife is pregnant with their 2nd kid and there are some complications with the pregnancy so she has to go in for surgery soon to save the baby.  We are praying everything will go ok.

Shout out to my lil bro for getting baptized!!!!!!! He’s awesome!!! HAVE A GOOD WEEK EVERYBODY!!!!

Elder Larkin

This Week

SLAVIK GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! It was so cool to see and take part of. SOOOOO many people came to the baptism, it was absolutely amazing. I am too blessed. I don’t deserve the blessings I am receiving.

Slavik’s wife, Oksana, was in tears at the baptism and kept hugging me and telling me I’m an angel for bringing her family together and I was totally speechless I had no idea what to say. These type of moments are the moments that are just priceless. Like I said I’m too blessed.

We’ve been working on finding through members, and yesterday a lady introduced us to her son who isn’t a member. Good things are going to come from it, I know it.  What a time to be alive. I am out of time…sorry it is so short! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! HAVE A GOOD WEEK!!!!!!

Elder Larkin

Slavic, his family, and Elder Tate


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