Well, this week I lost my companion, got hit up by some prostitutes, an investigator passed away,  and we got a bunch of new investigators, one of which seriously wants to be baptized.  What a week.

So yeah on Tuesday I was on a bus with Elder Stearns, who has been in the field for 4 weeks haha. We were just chillin on the bus and me being the very responsible trainer that I am, fell asleep. Out. I woke up and got off my stop as usual and just started walking towards the branch as usual. AND THEN I LOOKED BEHIND ME AND I REALIZED MY TRAINEE WAS NOT WITH ME. The panic that I felt was unreal haha.

I hopped on the next bus and started going from stop to stop trying to find him, and I got to the last stop and he wasn’t there. I haven’t been that scared since I watched The Conjuring back home with Swens and Eard. Fortunately my companion was a smart guy, he just went to the office and asked to use the office phones to call me up and then I went to the office and got him. It was so crazy, I was ALONE for like almost an hour. First time I’ve been alone in like 18 months. Strange.

So on Wednesday we were hanging out with Mohammed and Kostya in MacDonalds just having a good time. We had just had a super spiritual lesson with Kostya and I was super stoked about how well it went. Mohammed then tells me that he has bad news and I’m like what happened man? He showed a pic of a guy and asked if I knew him and I was like ya!!!! That’s our investigator Eyvas. Then Mohammed told me that he passed away…….. He got hit by a car on his birthday. He was such a good kid, he wanted to be a part of our church but his parents wouldn’t let him because he was a Muslim. So sad. Pray for his family they’re in a super rough spot right now.

So Sunday comes around and life is pretty good. I’m thinking to myself I just need to get through today and then tomorrow is p day and everything will be alright. I roll up into the chapel and immediately I’m grabbed by one of my favorite people in the world, Kostya (not the investigator, the member that has the cutest and most hilarious family this side of Ukraine has ever seen.) and he asks me, do you want to baptize another person? And I’m like OF COURSE I’d love to.

And then he introduced me to a young guy who is in like his late 20s, who is married to a member who wants to take the lessons and get baptized. The guy is LEGIT. He’s exactly like Dasha, Oleg and Valentina, just super prepared and gonna get baptized.  I don’t even know what I’m doing to deserve these blessings. I don’t know how but we are on track to have THREE MORE BAPTISMS BY NEXT TRANSFER. Dashas parents and Slavic (the new guy). Love it.

After church we got hit up by some seriously whacked out prostitutes.  The worlds oldest profession is alive and well in Eastern Ukraine.  I think they just like Americans.  Or money.  Or both.  Anyway, after Elder Stearns and I conferred for a brief second we decided against trying to teach a lesson and just walked on.   That could have been an EPIC lesson.

Have a great week everyone!  Love you all!

Elder Larkin

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