Easy Lives

I got my Christmas package! I opened it hahahaha THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Literally it made my Christmas. So cool. I absolutely loved it!!!!! I am so excited to talk to you guys!!!!!! That’s all me and Elder Peterson talked about last night, we just have this Skype call and then mothers day and then we are home.

Honestly what gets me excited the most these days is when someone tells me that I’ve helped them out in their life. It makes me feel like these last 18 months have been worth everything and it just makes me so happy that people are able to find happiness and peace through the gospel. Also when I hear sick Russian rap music on buses I get pretty pumped too lol. Here’s what happened this week!!!

So fam. This last week was pretty good. Ukraine could not be any better, except now it’s getting cold as heck. I want to share a quote that I love… “The next time you feel like your worlds about to end, be prepared, he’s testing your faith again.” I was going through my journal last night and I found that and wanted to share it with you. God loves us. He wants us all to be happy even when our lives seem so bleak and humble.

That was kinda the theme of this last week as we worked with a lot of less actives and recent converts who have not had easy lives. Honestly none of us have easy lives. Some easier than others but anyway that’s probably been my favorite thing in my whole mission is seeing the church bring happiness and joy into lives that suffered a lot of heartbreak and strife.

Shattered lives can be made whole again no matter what we’ve been through. I had a good conversation with Dasha about this stuff last week. She told me that the gospel has set her free from so much depression and sadness from the war (she served in it) and that she wants to share it with all her friends and family.

Her family gets home on Christmas day and they want to get baptized asap. I know this is kind of a serious e mail for once lol but I’m just so grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to serve out here. What a time to be alive. Oh we found a bunch of new investigators and Elder Stearns is awesome. I love training. I love you guys! ALSO SHOUT OUT TO MY MAN SWENS FOR GETTING ENGAGED! CONGRATS HOMIE!

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