Moving On

This last week was an emotional roller coaster. I said goodbye to my 2 brothers (Andrei and Elder Tate) and received a new brother (Elder Stearns). I’m not gonna lie,, saying goodbye to Andrei was roughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am so proud of the kid for going out on a mission despite all of the stuff with his family but man it was like seeing my lil bro leave on his mission.

I’ve already accidentally tried calling the guy twice because I keep forgetting that he now lives in England. After I said good bye to Andrei we rode back into town with President and Sister Sullivan and they were talking to me about some stuff to do with the branch here I have no idea what they were talking about I was just thinking about Andrei.

We got back into town and I immediately went and said goodbye to Elder Tate. That was so sad but I can still call him and talk to him but yeah. I chilled with Elder Peterson and Elder Thornton until Elder Owen got here and then I was with him until I got Elder Stearns the next day.

Elder Stearns is is awesome. He talks in tons of slang so he actually understands half the stuff I talk about and he likes to play basketball. We are gonna use that to our advantage. He’s a super good Elder, I’m way pumped to work with him and serve with him for the next few transfers.

This week we met with some cool people. We met with Mohammed, and he gave us a referral!!!!! He’s a new investigator named Lionel, he’s from Zimbabwe. He likes soccer, rap music and God so yeah I think we will get along. We met with Stas!!! He’s a cool guy who I met my first time here in Dnepr, he’s a super good dude he’s just not super down to change his life these days. Maybe someday.

That same day we met with some members. There names are Kostya, Nastya and Katya. We ate some good Ukrainian food and played a traditional Ukrainian game called Uno. It was a good time.

Dasha, Oleg, and Valentina are doing super good!!!!! Dasha was struggling last week but this week she’s doing so much better so yeah life is good ladies and gentlemen. I love you guys have a good week!!!!!!!!!

Elder Larkin



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