It’s soooooooooo crazy that it’s already thanksgiving, a year ago I was running around Zap with Elder Marks. Now I’m running around Dnepr with Elder Tate with like 7 months left. So crazy.  Not a ton happened this week because Elder Tate got pretty sick so we were stuck inside for a while.

All in all it was pretty blah this week, not a ton happened. Everyone is sick, Oleg and Valentina are both sick, Dasha is sick, and Elder Tate is sick. Thankfully I am not sick. The 3 new converts are doing great though, they’re all super happy and doing well. Life is good.

Also we had interviews with President on Saturday and turns out that Elder Tate and I are not going to be serving together. I am so so so so so sad. Elder Tate is for sure one of my favorite companions and the two transfers we served together were LIT. Turns out that I’m gonna be training this next transfer. I hope my trainee is ready to turn up, we have a ton of work going right now.   I love you guys! HAVE A GOOD WEEK!

Elder Larkin


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