Two Weeks Behind

So…we are two weeks behind on posting.  Where do the weeks go!  There was a baptism Friday which we will receive pictures of tomorrow (Monday) so we had better get caught up so that we can post about the baptism tomorrow! So here are two emails from the past two weeks! Sister Sullivan sent us the picture of the new suit.  She said that the missionaries love shopping in Ukraine because all they can get in the suit department is super skinny European.  Maybe I am just jealous I cannot pull that look off….



Ok ok ok my dear wonderful fam, this last week was BUMPIN. And by BUMPIN I mean super BUMPINNNNNNNNN. Andrei went to the temple in Kiev this last week and got his endowment. He is going on a mission in LESS THAN A MONTH MY HECK. Idk what I’m gonna do without his crazy random phone calls in the middle of the night hahaha. Love the kid so proud of him.  He is the greatest friend and I am so happy for him.

Also Kostya, Dasha and HER DAD came to church yesterday. Dashas dad, Igor, WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED TOO. We didn’t set a date with him because he’s trying really hard rn to quit smoking. Homie’s been smoking for 34 years, it might take a while. But so sick. Dasha is getting baptized next week, and she wants us to start teaching the rest of her family!!!!!!!!!!! Its pretty dang awesome. So so so sick. We even get to go to Dneprodzerzhinsk on Friday to go teach them.  Incredible things are happening, I can hardly believe all that is happening here!  Have a great week!

Elder Larkin


THANKS SO MUCH FOR TALKING TO DASHA SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVED TALKING TO YOU!!!! She’s getting baptized this Friday so it’s super good that you guys talked with her!!!!! She needs lots and lots of support. Her family wants to get baptized too!!!!! Her parents are going to Hungary for a few months for work so we will hit them up when they get back.

Dasha is so excited for Friday, I’m so so excited for her, her parents also wanna get baptized!!!!!! They’re in Hungary right now for the next few months but when they get back some someone else will be here ready to teach them. Also I got a new suit.  I look pretty fly. We got to go to Dneprodzerzhinsk on Friday and visit Dasha’s family before they left to go to Hungary. We had a super super good lesson with them, I can’t wait for them to get back. I am running out of time, gotta go! Love all of you!

Elder Larkin




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