Hey Everyone,
That’s so sad that Brother Hare died, I’ll send a note after this e mail for Sister Hare. Here’s what happened this week!!!! This week was awesome, I have not come down out of the clouds yet.
THIS WEEK WAS LITTTTTTT. There is no other way to describe it. OLEG AND VALENTINA GOT BAPTIZED. I baptized Oleg and Elder Tate baptized Valenetina. They are literally the most Russian people ever hahaha but they are sooooo cool and so kind. They had us over to their house and they actually have a sick house. It’s way nicer then our apartment haha.
They’re so strong and have incredible testimonies. I got to go to Dneprodzerzhinsk which is a city not far from Dnepr, its where our homie Dasha lives. While we were there we got her on date!!!!!! She said she just needs an answer from God that this church is the true church. So we set a date for the 25th of November. Then Sunday rolls around and we got to give Oleg and Valentina the holy ghost! So incredible. Valentina started crying and she kept thanking us over and over for bringing her to the church. So sick.
Elder Tate and I were just chillin in sunday school when we got a text from Dasha. SHE TOLD US THAT SHE GOT HER ANSWER AND THAT SHE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED TWO WEEKS EARLIER. When we saw the text we ran out of the class room and started running around the branch building outside in the rain. I jumped up and hung on the rim of the hoop we have outside hahaha and then President drove up in his car and I really hope he didn’t see us haha.
But we told him about Dasha and he was sooooooo excited. Dasha is soooooooo excited, almost like bubbly. This branch needs youth and she’ll be so good for it. Her dad also wants to be baptized!!!!!! So in Dnepropdzerzhinsk there are no members. DASHA AND HER DAD WILL BE THE VERY FIRST MEMBERS THERE!!!  Can you believe that? So, so, so cool.
We had Zone Conference this week.  I will attach some pictures.  I would rather be out working than sitting in meetings but it’s all good.  It is cool to see everyone.  Have a great week.  I am not sure it will get better than last one but we will see.  Love you all!!
Elder Larkin

Copy of DSC06539
Oleg and Valentine!
Saturday Elders Larkin and Tate baptized Oleg & Valentine who are from Belarus. Today they were confirmed. Another family has come unto Christ. (From Sister Sullivan)
Zone Conference
Zone Conference

One thought on “Dneprodzerzhinsk

  1. So good to hear about your excitement! Work=SUCESS!!
    Love the pictures you send.
    Your little brother, Jens, carved a pumpkin at my house last night. He has your same excitement about pumpkins that you have about converts. He will grow up to be a great missionary…..just like you.
    You are living the life!!


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