Well, what a time to be alive in Ukraine. When I got my transfer call to come up to Dnepr from Zap, I was super sad and mad. Little did I know that this transfer would be the greatest thing ever. We still got Oleg on date and on Thursday we had a super lesson with him. He’s so cool fam and he’s so willing to come unto Christ. I’ve never had an investigator like him.
Our other people are doing pretty good too, Misha has been progressing well and so has Olya, Dasha, Other Dasha and Igor. This has been a transfer of growth for me, and it’s really made me appreciate the Lords work even more. Also it’s helped me appreciate KFC a lot more gosh dang I love that place. I don’t want my time to end here!!!! Love it.
Elder Tate is one of my favorite companions so far, we are doing good work, life is just good my friends. Oh my gosh a few of my friends from zap came up and visited me this week!!!!!!!!! They couldn’t stay for very long but it was so good to see them. Zap and Dnepr are where it’s at. Love em both.
So I have retired from the rap game but I had the opportunity one last time last night. So every Sunday we do a family night in the park, and towards the end Elder Thornton and I go around the park and do what we call “babe contacting.” Not because we are trying to look or anything but because if we get cute girls coming to activities, then we get a bunch of guys coming to activities as well. And before you know it BANG you got an Elders quorum and a priests group. I’m telling you, girls are the key.
Long story short Elder Thornton and I found a huge group of girls and they asked if I like rap music. Ha. Yeah you could say I like rap music. And then they asked if I rap and I was like Ha. Yeah you could say I rap. And then I rapped for them, the sisters are about to get 6 new investigators. That’s my last rap…haha it was a good one.
Everything here is great.  Lots of people to teach and we are seriously in a groove.  Love you all.  Oh yeah, in the pictures, the one with the sombrero is Andrei.  He is seriously my favorite human alive.  The Zap branch had Mexican Night and that was his costume.  So so so funny.  He leaves for the England Leeds Mission in about 6 weeks.  What a man!
Elder Larkin
English Class
P Day with Thornton, and Peterson
Andrei the Great!

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