I’m glad that everything is going good back home!!!!!! I heard that Avry got called to England!!!!!! I told Andrei he needs to find her talk to her about St. George Andrei is by far my favorite person I’ve met in Ukraine, I talk to him like 3 times a day haha love the kid.  Things out here are super good right now. Here’s what happened this week.
Everything is just bumpin in general these days, we are finding lots of people, playing lots of ball, getting people on date, things are lit. We’re finding lots of investigators every week, we are averaging 5 a week right now. We just need to get them on date, Oleg is already on date for October 7th, we are so excited for him.
OHHHHH my gosh Vlad and Julia came up to Dnepr and visited me it was soooooooo good to see them again. Vlad is hilarious as always and yeah it was just so good to see them. Also Elder Tate and I got taken out to lunch by President Sullivan. We ate at this super nice restaurant. So. Nice. Easily one of the best meals I’ve had on my mission. It was super fun to talk with President haha he’s such a cool guy. Love him to death.
We’ve been seeing a bunch of miracles these days, we taught two new investigators who just rolled up to church on Sunday and asked to be taught. Unreal honestly they are super super prepared. They’re actually super cool and nice too, I’ve never had an investigator who has come to me first haha. There names are Dasha and Igor.  We literally have 3 investigators named Dasha these days my heck. I can’t keep em all straight.
We are super busy and are finding like crazy.  I miss Zap of course but am loving the branch here.  We seem to really be in a groove with finding, lots of good things are happening.  Love you all!
Elder Larkin
Sister Sullivan posted the following picture and caption.  We copied and pasted it here.  Love it when we get pictures, Elder Larkin does not like to send them to us!  Thank heavens for other people who understand that we need to see our Elder!  We also love her caption below the picture.  
Elders Tate, Larkin and Thornton. Elders Larkin and Tate have been making friends and finding investigators by playing basketball. One came to church today, eager to learn and attend all 3 hours. A young man who is educated, eager to learn and well spoken. The Lord blesses us with talents which can bless the lives of others. Even though this scripture was referring to spiritual gifts we find missionaries are given and have developed talents that can bless the lives of others.  “To some is given one, and to some is given another, that all may be profited thereby” (D&C 46:12).

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