Okay okay okay to start off this week. We balled out this week. Literally balled. Elder Tate and I are out here getting more W’s than the Warriors after they copped KD. We started off this week with 0 investigators. We are white washing a new area, therefore we showed up here to Dnepr with 0 investigators. Now we have 10 investigators. WE FOUND TEN NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK.

We actually set a new mission record and now President Sullivan is gonna take us out to a steak dinner hahahaha. Here are their names: Zhenya, Ayvas, Royal, Aiten, Niyar, Dasha, Ferrier, Oleg, Misha and then another Zhenya. Pray for these people. They are awesome. We found most of them through basketball. President told me to ball in order to find people and therefore I’m ballin.

We get these big games of ball going at this public court and then we drop lessons on them after. We call them Sermons on the Court hahaha. Now we just gotta get them all to roll up to church.

I had a super super scary experience. So Elder Tate and I were just doing our thing Friday night. We had just got done balling with our investigators when we get a call from the sisters. The sisters had been stuck in their apartment all day because one of them was sick. I answer the phone and I was like YO! like I always do. Sister Kane says Hello? and she sounded like she had been crying.

I got pretty concerned and asked if everything was ok, and she was like no, everything isn’t ok, freaky stuff has been going on in our apartment can you guys come over and give us a blessing? Now it was already 9 so we tried to call President but he wasn’t answering, then we tried calling the AP’s but they didn’t answer, so we just decided to take things into our own hands.

We sprinted to a bus stop and hopped on and rolled up to the sisters place. By the time we get there it’s like almost 10, we see the sisters and they were all crying and I was just thinking what the heck has been going on here. As soon as we walk through the apartment door the most dark and evil feeling came over me. I start to look through the place to make sure everything was ok.

Everything seemed normal until I walked into the living room, and there it was so dark and soooooooo whack. We gave the sisters a blessing and as soon as I started giving Sister Kane her blessing it got super hard to breathe and it was weird, I was FREAKING out. I’ve never felt like that in my life. But I couldn’t freak out because the sisters were freaking out so Elder Tate and I had to keep it together.

After that they haven’t had any problems with any of that stuff. I can’t even describe what I felt there…. it was so crazy. It was really freaky. I’m really glad that we were able to help the sisters and none of them got hurt or anything. But now everything is back to normal. I’m not gonna lie, when I first got called to leave Zap and come up to Dnepr, I was so sad. But I’m finding a lot of joy here, of course I still miss Zap!!! But I’m making lots of new friends here in Dnepr. And now we have tons and tons of work to do.  Tell everyone to have a great week! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Larkin

One thought on “Sisters

  1. What a great experience you have had. It is good you knew what to do to help the sisters when they called. It makes me smile to read your letters because I can just imagine you….talking! Keep up the hard – good work!!


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