Man, this last week started off rough. Probably the roughest part of my mission honestly, leaving Zap was SOOOO sad, I can’t even describe it. It was like saying goodbye to all my friends back home all over again. But a little worse. The people there in that branch and all the friends I made are some of my closest friends and ugghhhhhhh it really stinks because I have no clue when I’ll see them again.

But I’m doing a lot better now, I’ve made lots of friends here already, and the branch out here is super super cool. Dnepr this time around is 1000000x better haha and my companion is super cool!! His name is Elder Tate, he’s from Missouri and he’s awesome. We get along super well. I liked the talk by Elder Maxwell. Selfishness gets you nowhere but sadness, and I think it’s super interesting how he puts sinning and selfishness together. We are selfish when we are disobedient.

Anyways, I’m trying really hard to be the best Elder Larkin ever and things are good here in Dnepr. We’ve already found a bunch of people to work with so I’m super pumped about that! I met the best girl basketball player I’ve ever met in my life haha and she has a lot of potential to be a member. I miss Zap of course, every night I call one or 2 of the members down there. They’re honestly amazing.  I think I will miss them forever.

But…..I am up to the challenge in Dnepr.  Tell everyone hello and that I miss them a lot.  Emails and letters are great!

Elder Larkin


Saying Goodbye

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