Yeah, I got transferred back to Dnepr, and I’m sooooooooooooooo sad about it. I know it’s the will of God, but man it seems like God just likes to crush a young guys heart haha. I’m actually in Dnepr right now, and on the brightside I’M CHILLIN WITH ELDER MARKS TODAY!!!!!!!!! 

It’s been so good to see him. SO GOOD. We’ve been reminiscin (Idk how to spell that stuff) about the most legendary 3 transfers this side of Ukraine has ever seen. 

I just don’t understand why I have to leave Zap. This morning I said goodbye to Andrei, Lena, Rita, Arina, Mike, Kay, Valentin, Kostya, Vlada, Veronica, Vlad, Julia, the other Julia, and of course Sister Harvey and all the other missionaries. I probably won’t see Sister Harvey until I get home. ugghhhhhh sayin goodbye to all them was so sad. 

But I guess that it’s the plan to be here in Dnepr so I’m gonna do it with a good attitude:) I haven’t met Elder Tate yet, I’ll send lots of pics next week and stuff. I don’t have tons of time, so I’ll get you guys a longer e mail next week. I love you so much!!!! Have a good week!!!!

Elder Larkin

One thought on “Transferred?!

  1. Must be the month for my favorite missionaries to be transferred! Jace Hansen my grandson in Florida was transferred, Nate in Brazil got transferred….he cried like a baby……he loved is area and had been there 12 months……and now I hear you are transferred too!
    I can hardly wait until next week to see what all of your letters sound like. It is all about experience ‘s and service remember. It doesn’t matter where we serve, just that we serve. You all will be blessed:)
    If you were new Elders in my area, I would make you all a big plate of COOKIES with lots of chocolate.!!!
    Keep smiling. Your smile is the best!
    GMa Claudia


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