New People

So last weeks took us a while to post.  I promised this weeks would not take a whole week to get it on the blog.  A couple of notes…He is talking about Mikah Hansens upcoming wedding in Oklahoma, which we are thrilled for.  We are glad he is not thinking about being ready for marriage but we weren’t ready to hear about “dropping a rap album.”  Once in a while we are not quite sure where he came from….But we love him and miss him and are so incredibly proud of him!

Hey Everybody!

I still cant believe that Mikah is getting married. What. the. heck. This is how I know I’m getting all grown up, all my friends are talking about marriage and finding their wives but I’m is just steady wanting to baptize people and drop a rap album. My heck. Marriage is scary stuff.

Anyways, haha I feel you for the dog days of summer. Everyone here is out of town, Andrei is in Kiev and all of our investigators are on vacation. Jk not all of them but a pretty dang good amount. So we are focusing on finding new people and dang we are finding some awesome new people. I’ll talk about that later though. OK so I’ve been feeling super good lately, I’ve been taking the Herbalife and pro biotics and yes it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. But I’m feeling a lot better and I’ve been putting on some weight. So yeah I’m feeling better.

This week was good. It was honestly just a pretty chill week, we just focused on finding and it went super well. We found two new investigators, Vadim and Alex. Alex is an older guy who just loves his fruit and we went over to his house and helped him pick fruit and it was sooooooooo good. The fruit here in Ukraine doesn’t even compare to the fruit in the states. Doesn’t even compare.

Vadim is a 30 year old guy who is married and is just a baller. He’s just the coolest guy ever. We gave him the restoration lesson and he really liked it a lot so we’re gonna ball out with him tomorrow. Same with Alex and the young Alex. Young Alex was out of town for a while but now he’s back and we’re gonna try and get him on date!!! Yeah that’s all that’s really going on out here. HAVE A GOOD WEEK EVERYONE STAY BALLLLLLLLIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!

Elder Larkin

Listening to President Sullivan with Vlad


The Zaporozhye Elders
Lunch with the Sullivans and all of the Zap missionaries


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