Best Week Yet

Hello Everybody!

One year later…..finally baptized someone!!!! All worth it. Worth getting sick, worth all the homies not getting baptized for stupid reasons, worth all the tears, worth all the super bland food, and worth not listening to any rap music for over a year. All worth it. I’m starting to feel a lot better these days but I’m still losing a little bit of weight. But I’m in eastern Europe where all they eat is borscht and potatoes and I’m out and about all day every day so it honestly makes sense that I’m losing weight.

Elder felt and I are going to start going to the gym and doing herbalife so hopefully it helps. Abby e mailed me and told me her apartment was ghetto hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha she has no idea. I literally live in a concrete block the size of our kitchen back home. You flush our toilet with a bucket and our kitchen is about the size of my closet back home. But it’s ok because we are ballin and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else but here in Zaporozhye Ukraine. Literally the coolest city on earth.

The Lord has blessed me so much and I’m so grateful!!!! What a time to be alive in Ukraine. So this week we had Zone Conference and it was super good!!!!! I learned some new stuff and I’m ready to go out and continue doing good things. And of course we had the baptism this week which was sooooo cool. A family got baptized, Natalya, Dioka and Diana and I baptized Diana!!! It was so cool. I’m so grateful for that opportunity it was so awesome.

So now we got 3 new members in our lit little branch.  Our investigators are doing super good too, Alex, Dennis and Arthur are staying true so far. We don’t really teach Vlad anymore, he’s not progressing at all and we need to be productive with our time. It’s sad because I love the guy but I got the Lords work to do out here. I love the missionary work out here and I absolutely love my district. We have a new elder named Elder Kotlyarov and he’s HILARIOUS I love him. Everybody be good, HAVE A SICK WEEK.

Elder Larkin

Asleep on the bus…thanks sisters!
Andrei and I at a members house
At the river for FHE
Branch at the Baptism
Beautiful sight
Making sure the water is clean and warm
The font
Best day yet!

One thought on “Best Week Yet

  1. Elder Larkin,
    There is a lot of sacrifice in serving a mission. You are experiencing it now! What a great attitude that has come to you by feeling the spirit. These are the important things you will remember your whole life!!
    Keep up the good work!
    That font didn’t look very tall.


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