This is Gavin writing.  We received some pictures today and wanted to share them.  They come from Gordon Gurr, who is in Zaporozhye, and is from Parowan.  Interestingly enough, he is also a relative of Elder Larkin.  Elder Larkin’s grandmother is Leslie Rae Gurr Jennings.  Her father was Kenyon Gurr.  This man and Leslie share the same grandfather.  What is interesting to you in the family is how much Gordon looks like Kenyon.  Maybe it is just me but to me there is an incredible resemblance.

So the story is that he introduced a family to the missionaries and this family is the baptism that is coming up for Elder Larkin.  There is a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter.  The only one I know the name of is the 13 year old granddaughter, who is Diane.  Gordon sent me the following text today:

“The sweet daughter, Diane, is 13 and loves the gospel. She gave a sweet prayer over her grandfathers bed as we knelt around before I gave a blessing for his critical health. She has a budding piano talent and was in piano competitions in Yalta before the Russians took over Crimea and their own region and literally their own home, to house their troops. After three years of a kind of almost exile, Diane feels delight to play piano again, and feels a unity with Elder Larkin, his energy and kindness and shared piano interests. I think there is talk of a duet in church and at the upcoming baptism. She is pleased to play after a 3 year absence due to the refugee situation, losing their home and piano in the village taken over by Russian soldiers, not many miles from where they are now enjoying the peace and love of the gospel. There is also a thrill to learn Elder Larkin and I are related, as I have become close to the missionaries through introducing the family to the gospel and to the missionaries.”

So to make a long story short, it is a little insane that this man from Parowan is a relative and introduced a refugee family from Crimea to the missionaries and one of those happens to be Elder Larkin.  In the pictures below you can see the missionaries talking after church to some members and non members.  The church is on the second floor of the building.  The first floor is a second hand shop.  In the last picture you will see Gordon (who again, reminds me ALOT of Kenyon Gurr) and the grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter who will be baptized next week.  What a great update from Ukraine!



2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. What a great experience……thanks for sharing. So Happy that he is well again. We really do live in a small world when it comes to being members of our church.


  2. I am glad that all is well health-wise with Elder Larkin these days. There are really no coincidences in this missionary work. I smiled when I read what Elder Larkin said about his companion being transferred to Dnipro to take the place of a visa waiter who was sent to Australia. The elder headed to Australia is Elder Myhailo Zalypko who lived with Sister Cihak and I for nearly nine months as he prepared for his mission. He was like a grandson to us here in L’viv and a tremendous asset to our branch. I know that Elder Zalypko enjoyed his time in eastern Ukraine. Elder Cihak


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