Hey Everybody!

That’s so awesome that you guys went to Flagstaff that sounds like so much fun. Haha I can already see Jens and Dad freaking out up there lol, dang that sounds like a blast!!!! I wish I could be there with you guys. So yeah Vlad is still taking the discussions but we aren’t focusing on him really right now. He doesn’t really have a real intent so we are going to focus on finding new people and teaching the ones who are progressing.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR ANDREI TO GET HIS CALL!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. And yes we are still teaching Michael but he’s going back to Nigeria for a few weeks but he’s coming back and says he will keep going when he is back so who knows.  I think it’ll be good for him to have a little break and realize a few things. While he’s in Africa he wants us to Skype with him and his family and I’M SO EXCITED TO MEET HIS FAMILY. It’s gonna be so cool. He’s sooooooooooooo close. He just needs something small to change.  I still believe he will come around.

Oh AND WE ARE FINALLY GETTING A BAPTISM. I’m baptizing this adorable little girl named Diana. I’m so pumped. This week was pretty lit but also a little sad. Here’s what happened.

I woke up on Saturday morning to a phone call from President Sullivan and Elder Peterson is getting transferred. It’s so sad, he’s probably my favorite comp so far. He’s getting transferred because there was a missionary in Dnepr who got his visa to Australia so now he’s going there to take his place. So sad. But now my next companion is Elder Felt!!!!!! He’s a homie so I’m pumped.

We found a new investigator this week who has a TON of potential. Her name is Anya and she knows like no English but my Russian is honestly pretty good. She’s super super interested in the church and we are gonna have some lessons with her this week!!! It’s bumpin.

I’M GONNA BAPTIZE MY FIRST PERSON THIS WEEK. We’re baptizing this family that is just GOLDEN and I get to baptize this super cute little girl named Diana. I’m so pumped!!!!! It’s going to be on July 8th.  A mom, her mom, and her daughter.   Me and Sister Harvey found a bunch of Africans that wanna chill w us. I rapped for them (obviously) and we are going to meet with them tonight.  So it was a great week and a sad week all together.  I am seriously going to miss Elder Peterson.  But I cannot wait for the 8th.  Stay Lit!  Love you all!

Elder Larkin

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