It’s Been Awhile

Holy Cow,
This week was INSANE. I’m so sorry you guys worried so much!!!!!!!! I feel really bad. The spinal tap thing was honestly awful. Honestly the most physical pain I have ever been in. I know a lot of the miracles but I’m sure there are ones I haven’t heard. It is so good to be home again.  I love Zap and the people here. IGuess what?  ANDREI’S PAPERS ARE GOING IN TOMORROW. And MIKE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK. Been out for a year, and I will finally see a baptism. Worth it. Worth all the sickness and the Spinal headache sent from hell. All worth it.  I forgot to bring my camera again. I have tons of pics tho I’ll send them all next week!!!. Things are good!!!!! Sorry this is short not a ton happened this week. I was just trying not to die. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Tell everyone thanks for the prayers and fasting. Talk to you later.
Elder Larkin
That letter was from today.  Here is the letter from last week after he felt better and was able to email a little.  
Hey dad!!!!

Just letting you know that I’m feeling TONS better. Sister Sullivan is letting me get on for a little. Things are super good, my headache from the virus is pretty much gone, now I just gotta get rid of this spinal tap stuff. Things are super good though!!!!! I just sleep and eat delicious food haha it’s quite the life style. The mission home isn’t even a home it’s seriously a palace. I’m so lucky. I’m going to make Sister Sullivan some brownies when I get back to Zap. So ya things are good!!!! I love you!!!! Tell everyone I’m grateful for their prayers and that I love them!!!! Talk to you soon
Elder Larkin
And a few pictures from Sister Sullivan
Saturday waiting for CT scan
Elder Larkin feeling better JPG
Finally feeling a little better
Heading back out to Zaporozhye

One thought on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. So good to hear you are on the road to feeling GREAT again!! It’s an experience you will remember your entire life.


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