Small World

I’m so glad that Kirtland was fun!!!! I bet grandpa and grandma are ballin. The way they do missionary work in the states sounds SOOOOOO different from here. Here we’re told to do whatever it takes to get in with people, which means LOTS of ball and LOTS of going to university and trying to talk to people on the campus. Sometimes it doesn’t really feel like I’m on a mission. Haha for example this last week Zaporozhye threw one of those huge color fests, and we went with like 12 investigators and some members. It was SOOOOOOOOO LITTTTTTTTTTT.  I had a members son on my shoulders the whole time, and we would go into the mosh pit and just TURN UP.

Dad apparently got a bunch of pics from Sister Shulga but wow it was so much fun.  The things is too, IT WORKS. We have found SO many investigators every week. Like as a district we get like 8 to 10 new ones a week which is completely unheard of here in Eastern Europe. President Sullivan loves how we do work down here.

Michael is still on date, but we took an L with Yevgenei. We had a super good lesson with him, and we were going to move his date up so he could be baptized THIS SATURDAY. He was down, but then he got a call from his boss. His boss told him he needed to leave Zaporozhye, go to Odessa, then go to Kiev, and then go to China. Freaking china. He was about to be baptized. He left to Odessa right after our last lesson. And now he’s in China. For 9 freaking months. So yeah we took an L. He was so down to be baptized too.

We still got Michael tho so we are really looking forward to that. So this next week we have zone conference and today we have our interviews with President. So yeah those will be fun. THE CRAZIEST THING HAPPENED. So my boy Vlad was in L’viv all week on vacation. And guess who he ran into on the street?? Mark Abraham. No lie. Vlad saw the missionaries walking and he went and stopped them. It’s a small world, Vlad sent me a pic of them together so I will attach that.

I am having the time of my life….I hope you are too!  Have a great week!

Elder Larkin

Color Fun
Sister Shulga and her son
My friend Elder Abraham in Lviv with my Zap friend Vlad. Amazing!


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