We got to Skype this morning with Elder Larkin and he told us some amazing things.  Mostly it was just wonderful to be able to see him (kind of, really fuzzy connection) and hear his voice.  He is very happy and working hard and just generally having the time of his life.

He did tell us that he has two investigators who have set a date to be baptized.  Both in June, so we will be hoping that all goes well there.

Last P Day they went with a couple of investigators to the island Hortitsa that he has written about a lot.  This island used to be a Cossack fort and now they have demonstrations and re-enactments etc.

He sent us a video of one demonstration where he was called out of the audience.  They are trying to slice a cucumber while he is holding it.  The second video was later that night at the branch presidents house.  I am not sure what is going on, but they think it is funny.

One of our favorite parts of Skyping was listening as he received a phone call from a member of their branch.  I have no idea what they said because it was in Russian but it was amazing to listen to.  It was a miracle to be able to listen to them converse and to hear him laugh.

Enjoy the videos!



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