Hello Everybody!

Transfers were this week and I was transferred BACK TO ZAP!  I was so stoked.  I arrived in Zaporozhye on Monday evening and I immediately went to a branch youth party on the beach at Hortitsa. It was awesome, it was SOOOOOOO good to see Andrei, Sergei, Lena, Arina, Rita and all the other homies again.

I love it here. Zaporozhye’s branch is the best branch in Ukraine. By far. It has to be.  They are so fun and so energetic and their testimonies of the gospel are so strong.  So yeah Monday was awesome and then on Tuesday we went and did English contacting with Elder Litchfield and Elder Felt. It was good to see them again too, they are great friends.

That night we had English which you already know was incredible. And after we met with Michael!!!!!!! Do you remember me telling you about him before?  He is the guy from Africa.  It was so good to see him again, he’s got a flat top now hahahaha and he taught me a dance called the Shakhiti Bobo lolllllll. It was so funny.

We actually had a super good lesson with him. Yo dad, we showed him the talk you sent me, the one about Dresden being destroyed and rebuilt. The spirit was SOOO strong in that lesson. We all came out of it crying and Michael said he would pray about a baptismal date and we’d talk about it with him next time!!!!

The same thing happened with Vlad, we took him to Hortitsa and went biking and we stopped at this super super beautiful spot and had a lesson with him. He said he’d pray about a date and we’d talk about it next time!! So this next week we could have two guys on date. Pray for them, they need it!!!!

This weekend we went to Dnepr for district conference and Michael and Vlad were able to come up with us. The bus ride up was soooooooooooooooooo much fun, we played tons of games and turned up to some one direction the bus driver was playing. It was the dream. Michael is so funny because he dresses like a G and acts like a G but he loveessssss one direction and katy perry hahahahaha it’s so funny. He’s a homie. Oh man, Zap is the dream.

Last night we ate dinner with a member named Alina who is about 20 years old but she can’t walk so she uses a wheel chair. She is absolutely AWESOME. She is always so happy despite her trials, and she is super self reliant. I think she even lives by herself but I’m not sure. She’s so awesome. It’s so good to see all the people here I love, it was pretty lit.

Oh yeah, hahahaha we found an actual burger restaurant here that is absolutely DELICIOUS. It’s almost american. They gave us like food service gloves to eat the burgers haha it was pretty funny.  So my other glasses uh kinda broke haha. I found a place here that makes prescriptioned glasses for 300 griven which is like 15 bucks. so I bought some new glasses haha. I love em!!!
Ohhhhh I forgot to tell you, I translated for Sister Sullivan at the conference in Dnepr yesterday hahahaha. My head has never hurt so bad in my life lolllll. AND I had to translate for Michael for the rest of the meeting. There was a point where I didn’t understand a dang thing except for the word health, so I just told mike “health” haha the elders and mike died laughing it was so funny.
Have a great week!  I will be on Skype at 9 am your time next Sunday!  I can’t wait!  Love you all!
Elder Larkin
Hortitsa Island
American Burgers with gloves!
P1250389 (1)
Zap Distruct
Hortitsa Island
Vlad on Hortitsa
Elder Peterson on Hortitsa
On the Marshrutka headed for Conference
KFC in Dnepr

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