Two Weeks in One

This is not on Elder Larkin, it is on me….I failed to post last weeks so I will post that one first, then this weeks, then a few pictures.

Hey Everybody!
OK so I’ve been hearing that Trump is sending a fleet to North Korea???? We don’t get like any news out here, I heard this from Andrei. What’s going on out there? I’m not worried or anything I’m just curious. This last week was crazy, here’s what went down.
We found soooooooooo many new people to work with,  we got so many people now. We are going to convert the whole Topol district of Dnepr. I met this super sick dude who’s from Israel and he is RIPPED. He’s hugeeee. He boxed for a long time in Israel and he lived in the states for a while but now he’s pursuing a medical career here in Ukraine. Dudes a baller. His name is Fetty hahahahahaha like Fetty wap.
What a time fam what a time. So we met with Stas this last week and we had a very interesting meeting with him. He asked us if we ever did drugs and we were like Nah bro we aren’t about that life.  We started to give him a spiritual thought and thats the thing… the spiritual thought went WAYYY good. Like Stas is a good guy he’s really successful at work and has a lot of money, he’s spriitual and reads the Book of Mormon,,,, but I think he likes to smoke drugs. My heck. We gotta get him off of that stuff.
So we met with Andrei’s family again this week, they are SO SO SO AWESOME. They went and got us pizza and stuff, man I haven’t tasted anything so good. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it went pretty well. President Sullivan wants to meet with them and talk to them so yeahhhhh that’ll be cool. Things are great, I am loving it, KEEP IT REAL.
Elder Larkin
This last week was pretty sick but pretty boring at the same time. We didn’t have too much going on until the weekends but then literally everything went down on Friday and Saturday.
The family that we are working is still doing pretty good, but we’re making a big plan to find out their real intent. And by a big plan I mean we are gonna ask them straight up lol. Our guy Stas is doing pretty well too, we went with him to some baptist concert so yeah that was pretty interesting.
It was actually way funny, there were a bunch of Americans there from the baptist church and they were so surprised to see Mormons in Ukraine. Guys, Mormons are everywhere we are in just about every country on this planet.
We have a bunch of new people to teach who we’re going to try and teach this next week so we are still ballin. Life is good everyone. Do it for the land.
Elder Larkin
Elders in my district
All of the missionaries in the four Dnepr branches

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