Lots of Pictures

This week was pretty lit. Not a lot happened though. We are making a name for ourselves in the English teaching game. We are starting up our own English class haha cuz since we live in Topol, we do not get to teach a church sponsored English class. It’s awful so we just decided to start up our own, it’s gonna be the most lit English class of all time.

Ohhhh yeah so this week we got to watch General Conference and it was sooooooooooooooo good. Stuff is better than Christmas these days. So good. And we got to meet with our family of investigators!!!!!!  Keep these people in your prayers. They are so amazing, they’re super prepared, and I love them so much. We taught them the restoration and they LOVED it.

Andrei, the dad, told me he needs to read the Book of Mormon. And I told him, yes you need to read it!!! They told us that they are going to read the Book of Mormon and tell us what they read next time so pray for them!!!!!! They are lit. Yeah that’s about all that happened this week.

Oh shoot, I forgot, homies here in Topol tried to break into our apartment again. But that ain’t important.

I love you all, have a good week!!!!!!! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, do it for the land.

Elder Larkin

Cinnamon rolls at general conference. Best thing I have tasted in 10 months. Thanks Sister Sullivan.
We found hamburger buns so we made hamburgers. They were legit.
Our apartment
Our apartment
Our apartment
Our apartment
View from our apartment
Vlads house and family last p day.


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