Littest is NOT a word


Ok so this week was probably the best one during my time here in Topol. The Lord blessed us with a grand total of 3 new investigators this week. They’re actually a family, Andrei, Tanya and they have a little daughter named Arina. I LOVE THEM they are so awesome!!!!!

We found them while contacting, I was talking to Elder Biesinger in Russian while we were passing them. We heard them say, oh they speak Russian!! And we just turned right around and started talking to them. They are SO nice, and they’ve been looking for missionaries for like forever.

We went over to their house for dinner and we gave them a lesson, and no lie, this is what they told us. “We believe that it is a sign from God that we talked to you on the street.” They already had a Book of Mormon and they are willing to read and pray about it. WE FOUND A FAMILY!! In the most difficult and dangerous area in our mission. Where no one has had success in a long time.

So yeah that was pretty sick, we also found this other guy named Vitali who plays in a rock band. So yeah things are going pretty good out here in Topol. I still have a million African homies and hopefully we can baptize them.

Things are great here, Topol is ballin, we are steadily turning it from the sketchiest area in our mission, into the littest area in our mission. Idk if littest is even a word but who cares. Keep Andrei and his fam in your prayers, they need it!!!! They’re so awesome.

Have a great week.  I am here.  I love you all!

Elder Larkin

P Day in Zap with Elders Peterson, Marks, and Biesinger. This is at Vlads house.
P Day with Vlad, the Elders and his sister.


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