Hi Everyone!

Yo. I always love everyone’s emails!!! They’re literally the highlight of my week haha. Spring break sounds like it was so fun, I can’t even imagine Sarah doing laser tag hahahahahahaha I’m sure that was a riot!!! I’m really glad that everything with Lauren is good, I was really worried about her too. I’m so happy that everything is getting worked out!!!

That’s funny that you met another mom with a missionary out here, Idk who Elder Toone is but honestly I don’t know who half the mission is anymore haha. Tell Elder Marks’s mom I love Elder Marks. I miss that guy so much, I talked to him last night on the phone and we just laughed at all the hilarious stuff we did. It was so fun to serve with him.

Our mission is BALLIN right now, I think we’ve had a baptism for like 14 weeks consectuivley (idk how to spell anymore. Russian has killed me) which is unheard of here. The people here are so hard-hearted, I met a member in Zap who once told me that he started smoking when he was SEVEN YEARS OLD. That’s like Jens starting to smoke right now. Like what in the heck. It’s awful. But I still love em, the people here are so awesome.

THIS LAST WEEK WAS LIT. Topol is still a scary place with lots of scary people but we are starting to get some peeps. We have become friends with a few of the Dnepr pro basketball players, it’s no big deal actually. I’ve met three of them just on the street, and I actually played ball against one of them.

Last P day, me, Elder Nielsen and the AP’s were playing ball in this park and we saw this super tall guy and we asked him if he played ball and he said yes I play for Dnepr, we were like ohhhhhhhhhhhh dannnnnnggggggg come play ball with us!!! And he actually did!!! He was pretty good but you already know we beat him. Honestly the Dnepr team is about the level of an average high school varsity team. I think that Dixie would ball these guys up.

We actually got to go to one of their games through one of them we met. Max, who plays on their team, invited us. It was actually wayyyyyyyyy fun, it brought me back in the days. Dang I love ball. So yeah that was sick. We now have 5 investigators. OH SHOOT ELDER NIELSEN IS NOW THE NEW AP. This mission is about to turn up haha.. It’s gonna be so awesome. My trainer Elder King is coming back up here to Dnepr so it’ll be good to see him.  HAVE A GOOD WEEK WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Elder Larkin

Pobeda Branch Missionaries
Vlad came to see me!
P Day Laser Tag with the AP’s and other Dnepr Elders
Ukrainian Pro League. Dixie Gym is bigger….



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