It’s Been Awhile

The pictures at the end of this are pictures that others have sent to us.  

Hi Everyone,

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE B DAY WISHES!!!!! You guys are awesome and I had a pretty good birthday, but I’ll talk about that in a sec. So last week we legit had nothing. No peeps. Nothing. Now, we have 4 Nigerian investigators and a basketball player on our potential list. It’s not a ton of people like me and  Elder Marks had in Zap but hey it’s way better than what we had before.

I think I told you before, we met 3 Nigerian girls named Peace, IJ and Runo through the last elders who were here. I rapped to them and they loved it. According to the other elders they’ve been reading the BofM a ton and keep commitments really well so maybe we are on the verge of something.

Then later on Wednesday I was going through the phone and I find a contact labeled “Prosper.”  I was like, heck yeah I’m calling him up, I called him up, and he was super happy to meet with us.  Prosper is SICK. He’s from Ghana and is wayyyy good at soccer. He used to be an investigator but then he left or something and now he’s back!!!! So I’m pumped for that.

And then on Thursday we were on a Marshrutka (a small bus thing) and I went and sat next to this random homie and just started talking to him. Turns out he plays  basketball for the Dnepr team!! When I told him I was american he was like “I want to play with you. Americans are the best.” I might play with him today, it depends on what goes down.

That brings me to my birthday, (birthday, it’s yo birthday) Andrei and his gf Anya came up and visited me and it was so so sooooo good to see them. There wasn’t much we could do on a Sunday w me being a missionary, but it was still way good. We just walked along the river and stuff nothing too crazy but it was SWEET. Oh and later I got to talk to Sister Harvey, one of  my people from the MTC!! I haven’t seen her since I got here and guess what… shes HALFWAY DONE with her mission. I came out here with her too. Where the is the time going??

Oh I have lots of pics for ya’ll but I forgot my camera because I was just so excited to play ball today. My bad, I’ll send them next week. Yo THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! Have a good week. Love you guys.

Elder Larkin

Me and my companion
Dinner at Soslans House

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