Hello Everyone!

I saw dads buddy at church yesterday haha it caught me soooooo off guard. I walked in and this little short Ukrainian dude ran up to me and was like “Elder Larkin, Elder Larkin I know your father!!!!” And I was like what the heck haha but then he started showing me pics of dad and the family and I  remembered that dad had a homie here in Dnepr lol. I talked to him for a while and he is sooooooooo cool!!!! He’s super kind and way funny. He told me that he’s gonna have us over for dinner sometime next week, I’ll get lots of pics from that and send em next Monday.

And that’s so sweet that Nate got his mission call!!!!!! And to his dads and Stuckis missions!!!! If you see him tell him I say congrats!!! Okay this week was pretty exciting…. and whack haha here’s what happened!!!!

Wow…..this week was WHACKKKKKKKK haha but it was way good at the same time. I left from Zap at 11 last week and I was soooooooooo sad. I met some of my greatest friends in Zap and I was so sad to leave them, but hey now I’m out here in Topol with new opportunities so it’s going to be LIT.

Anyways yeah I bounced from Zap and got to Dnepr but my companion wasn’t there yet haha so I hung with the AP’s all day. It was actually way fun we went and played pool and then…….. WE WENT TO KFC!!!!!!!  I haven’t had KFC in about 8 months now, and it was soooooooooo good. It was awesome.

So since I didn’t have a companion I spent the night with Elder Kalt and Elder Nielsen at my apartment in Topol and it was wayyyyyy fun. They are so cool and so funny we had some good times!!!!! My new comp. Elder Biesinger got here on the next day and Elder Kalt and Nielsen bounced and went to their city. So they’ve apparently been staying in my apartment for a while now, they are opening up a new city but they can’t find an apartment so they’ve been just chillin at my place and commuting there and back like every three days.

They left to their city on Tuesday and me and Elder Biesinger were just left there by ourselves to check out our new area. While I was in Zap I didn’t do street contacting AT ALL because we had so many people to teach. But we literally have NOTHING here. Like almost no people whatsoever. Which means I get to walk around outside in the cold Ukrainian winter for 8 hours a day. What a time to be alive.

After doing this for three days, and getting nothing, I decided that I’m just call people up from the area book and try and set up some appointments. A young guy can only take so much of contacting!  So I just started calling people and I got some appointments set up for this week!!!!!!!

Elder Kalt and Elder Nielsen got back on Friday and they took us over to an investigators house who they are going to pass over to us. Their names are I.J, Runo, and Peace and they are all girls from Nigeria. They are seriously sooooooooo fun, and apparetnly they’ve been progressing really well.

And then I went to church and no lie, I walk into church and this tiny Ukrainian dude comes up to me and is like “I know your father Elder Larkin!” And I was like, what the heck bro haha but he actually knows my dad. My dad told me about him right before I left, but I got here and got immediatley sent to Zap so I didn’t see him. But he’s super cool and wayyyy funny, we’re gonna go over to his house this next week and visit him.

Church in this branch is way interesting, there’s not a ton people, like a lot less than Zap, but it’s still super spiritual and way cool. Yeah so that brings me to today, Me and Biesinger are gonna go bowling today with Kalt and Nielsen. So that’s gonna be awesome. I love being with Biesinger, he’s such a cool dude. He’s HUGGGGEEEE and he was in the army before he came out here. Have a good week!

Elder Larkin

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