So Elder Larkin is transferring today from Zaporozhye to Dnepropetrovsk.  There are two branches there, I am not sure which one he will be in.  He is pretty sad to be leaving, he has fallen in love with Zap and all of the people there.  New adventures!

Hey Everybody~

Okay. This last week was pretty sweet, Monday and Tuesday were spent trying to get our presentation ready for the Library. I don’t remember if I told you about that, but Elder Marks and I do a presentation every week at a library to try and get investigators. We’ve made it super cool.  That’s actually how we met Vlad and his family haha so it’s been pretty good for us.

But since President Sullivan was gonna be in Zap on Wednesday we asked him to give a presentation at the library because he is one cool guy. President has been everywhere, and lived everywhere so he talked to our class about how he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. They LOVED it, we found a few investigators from that so that was really really cool.

All of our investigators are doing super well, Vlad, Mike, Ryslan and Antone are all progressing pretty good. We had the FUNNIEST lesson with Michael oh my heck it was hilarious. We taught him the law of chastity….. so yeah that pretty much explains it haha. I’m gonna miss that guy he’s one of the funniest dudes I’ve met here.

Oh speaking of that, sadly I am getting transferred….. to Dnepr in the Tople district. I’m pretty sad about it. I absolutely love Zaporozhye and the people here, I don’t wanna leave!!!! But hey, I’m going to go with a good attitude and I’m going to make Dnepr just as good as Zap was. Oh and I hear that KFC is in Dnepr so I’m soooooo excited for that lol.

Last night, Vlad’s family had us over for dinner and that family has got MONEY. They don’t have an apartment like most people here, they live on this like estate here. Their house was so so nice and cozy I didn’t wanna leave!!! I have some pics of it I’m gonna send them soon. It makes sense that they’re rich though, Vlad’s dad played Pro soccer for a bunch of Ukraine teams. And now he’s a business man and owns a ton of real estate here in Ukraine.

I shared with them a little bit of the Plan of Salvation because it was my last night here in Zap. They took it really really well, that family has a lot of promise. Yeah that’s pretty much all that happened. I heard that the patriots won the super bowl gosh dang it. That isn’t what I wanna hear but oh well. Have a good week everybody!  Next time from Dnepr!!!

Elder Larkin

The basketball boys. Ryslan and Antone.
Vlad and his family. Vlad is the guy in the shirt and tie in the right corner.
Missionaries in Zap


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