Hey Everybody!

Okay so this last week was sick, our guys Michael and Vlad are awesome, and we were able to get 2 new investigators!!! There names are Ryslan and Antone, Ryslan is the guy who I played with in the basketball tourney. I sent home a picture of us with our medals and yeahhh hes sick.

Antone is Ryslan’s friend who we met at the basketball tournament, and I definitely need to send home a pic of him. He’s this tall white kid with Dreadlocks hahaha he’s lit. Both of them are so so soooooooo cool, and we were finally able to teach them. I’ve known Ryslan since like my 2nd week in Ukraine, and FINALLY he’s an investigator.

We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the actual lesson was actually pretty funny. Ryslan kept comparing the spirit world to the island from the TV show LOST haha and I ain’t gonna lie, there are some similarities lol. It went really well, they both liked hearing about the Plan of Salvation and they wanna learn more!!!! Ayooooo I’m so pumped for them. I love those dudes it’s gonna be awesome to see what happens with them.

So we also had zone conference this week and that was really really good. President Sullivan talked a lot about faith and how it’s so very important in missionary work. Even when times are tough, when things aren’t going our way, if we press forward with faith, the blessings that will come are impossible to count. This gospel really does bring peace to our lives. It’s awesome.

Anyways, yeah, Zone conference was lit. Oh my gosh and guess what???? MCDONALDS OPENED IN ZAPOROZHYE. Ayyyyoooooooo it was sooooooo good to eat a big mac this week. I never thought I’d be so excited about mcdonalds lol but hey, it’s a connection to America so it’s aight. When it opened there were lines clear out to the street, people here are OBSESSED with it.

We were able to have another lesson with Michael and it went super good. We talked about Baptism, but in a lot more detail. He told us “I know this church is true. I know it for a fact.” But!!!  He said he wants to party first before he get’s baptized. In our next lesson with him we’re going to talk about acting on our faith, and acting on the answers we receive from God. So keep praying for him!!! We’re soo close!!!

Transfers are this week. Pray for me so I don’t get transferred. I love Zaporozhye soooo much. I love the people here soooo much I love helping them. It’s the dream. And we just got Mcdonalds lolllll I can’t leave now!!!!! Haha jk in all seriousness I love this branch here, the spirit is so so soooo strong there. Alright everyone, have a good week!!!!!  Love ya’ll!!!

Elder Larkin

Zone Conference in Dnepr


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