Hi Everybody!
     Okay I told you last week about how I played in a basketball tournament on monday. Guys, it was SO FUN. They actually had some pretty good players there, there were players from the Ukrainian super league. My team balled out, we beat everybody and made it to the Championship game, and played against a team with only super league players on it. These guys get paid to play basketball and they’re the same age as me. They were actually pretty dang good too, I was surprised. The players on my team were like freaking out because they were playing with super league players haha it was funny. We lost the championship game sadly, but it’s alright, since we took 2nd place we got invited to play in a national tournament in Kiev, but I highly doubt that President Sullivan is going to let me go hahaha. It was fun while it lasted.
     Our investigators are doing pretty dang good, Michael accepted the word of wisdom and said he’d follow it, Vlad is awesome, we are going to try and teach his family this week!!!! Andrei isn’t doing so good, he’s struggling to quit smoking and hasn’t made much progress lately. Hopefully this week we’ll be able to help him get on track.
     Thanks so for much for all the support and prayers!!! We can really feel them. Love you all!
Elder Larkin

One thought on “Basketball

  1. Elder Larkin,

    Isn’t it great that basketball is universal! I’m really happy you didn’t win the tournament because that may not have been very good publicity.

    I like to hear about the people you teach. They look up to the missionaries that teach them so much. Long after you are gone…….your investigators will remember you. They will remember the feelings they had with you. They will remember the things you say. You are such a good example of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Hugh is over 80 years old and he still to this day talks about his experiences in the mission field and remembers the investigators like it was yesterday.

    Your pictures look great. Your smile is still there showing the world you are happy:)
    Just think… are freezing cold. Elder Nathan Hansen is burning hot with no air conditioner in Brazil. Something to think about.

    Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. CHARLES DICKENS

    Enjoy what you are doing and keep smiling.



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