Another Video

No, Elder Larkin did not send a rap.  Andrei, the recent convert he speaks of, has become our family friend.  He texts and video calls us frequently.  He is 19 and planning on a mission later this year.  Andrei sent the video to us this morning.  The video is from Thanksgiving and the party at the branch.  We are loving his sweater…..Here is the weekly email from Elder Larkin!

Hey Everybody!

I’m on really really early this morning because my tournament today takes all day. I’m SOOOOO excited to play in it. I’m gonna be breaking ankles and dunking on people like its my birthday. Hopefully lol. I haven’t played organized basketball in almost a year now so it’s going to be interesting.

That’s crazy that grandma and grandpa already bounced!!!!!! I’m not gonna see them for a while.  It’s alright though, they’re gonna have sooooo much fun out here. Missions are the best.

Yeah,I know all about dad and Andrei messaging each other hahahaha it’s hilarious. Andre showed me all manner of pics that you guys sent him haha and now he goes around showing them to all the missionaries and members here lol. Keep in contact w him, he’s such a baller. I GOT TO GIVE HIM THE MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD YESTERDAY!!!!!! It was soooo cool, afterwards he was so hyped it was so funny.

So this last week was pretty dang lit. Elder Marks and I are straight up ballin out. Not much has changed to be honest, we’re still just trying to help our investigators with a few things. Vlad, Andrei and Michael are all soooooo close, I think that this week a lot of stuff is gonna go down. Keep praying for them they need it!!!!!!

So we did this English contacting thing with the sisters where we just went outside the branch building and pretty much just advertised free English like crazy. While we were doing this Elder Marks and I met this dude named Yura who seemed wayyyyyy cool. We got his number and all seemed good.

We call him on Thursday for English and he was like nah nah sorry I can’t make it. Call me on Saturday and we can meet sometime. So we were like alright whatever. We call this guy up on Saturday and he’s like, Hey you guys should come over to my house, I’ll make you dinner!!!

Now Elder Marks and I were a little hesitant. We had literally talked to this homie for 2 minutes on the street and he was already inviting us to his house. Not to mention that we’ve only been fed here like once lol.  We thought this was gonna be the next Saratov approach. We were a little nervous rolling up to his place and when we walked there was super loud music playing JUST LIKE IN THE SARATOV APPROACH.

But, Yura turned down the music and showed around his place and…. it was wayyyyyyyyy niceeeeee. Probably one of the nicest apartments I’ve been in here in Ukraine. And then his friend came, Igor, and he was sooooo funny. He’s from moscow and works for some huge tobacco company there. They were soooo chill and Yura cooked us a dang nice meal. It was honestly one of my favorite nights on my mission.

Most Ukrainians here don’t really have manners and they’re kinda cold, but these guys were soooo fun and sooooo nice. Hopefully we’re gonna meet w them this week. Alright I love you I hope you have a great week!!


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