New Kicks??

     I heard all about Andrei skyping w you guys, he absolutely LOVEDDDD it.  I think it was a really good experience for him, I love that guy to death.
     Anyways, that’s so crazy that grandma and grandpa had their farewell!!!!! They’re gonna ball out on their mission, they’re gonna love it.
     What the heck MIKAH HANSEN GOT ENGAGED??? That’s crazy.  I guess we are getting older….kinda… I look back at life before the mission and I honestly believe that I have the best parents and siblings in the world. You guys are so so so awesome.
     So from about Monday until Wednesday Elder Marks and I were pretty sick. But that didn’t stop us from putting in WORK. We had a really good lesson with our Investigator Andrei, we showed him the restoration video and he lovvvvvveddddd it. We showed him that because he had been having trouble feeling the spirit and he was telling us after we watched it that he felt such a peace in his heart. It was soooooo cool.
     We did the same thing with MONEY MAKIN MYKE aka Michael and he loved it too!!! It was really powerful to hear him explain the peace that he felt during the video it was sickkkkkk. I really really hope that they both get baptized, they’d make great members.
     We also got our new investigator, posha who’s very cool. He really wants to be baptized, the only problem is that he doesn’t live here in Zaporozhye, he lives in Dnepropetrovsk. So we are going to pass him up to the elders up there when he goes back.
     I got some sickkkkkk new kicks with my Christmas money that I got. I saw a pair of Air Max 95 Nikes in a mall and I just couldn’t pass that up haha. Guess what I get to do next week?  So we have a friend who we play basketball with who is pretty dang good. He’s by far the best Ukrainian ball player I’ve seen. He plays for Zap Nat. University and his team is playing in a Super League (ukrainian NBA but way worse than NBA) tourney and GUESS WHO GETS PLAY IN IT???? I DO  I’M SO STOKKKKEEEEEDDDD. The only reason I get to do it is because it’s on P day though. So I lucked out. He just invited me to play on his team lol and I was like heck yeah I’m passing up that offer. I asked him how they do tournaments here and it sounds a lot like AAU ish. Words cannot describe how excited I am to play in it haha. I’m going to make Coach Cuff proud lolllll it’s gonna be freaking sick.
     New Years was fun! HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYBODY!!!!!!! I hope it was fun for you. Thanks for all the prayers and support, I love you and miss you all sooo much!!!! Thanks for everything and thanks for the pics!!! I love em. I got some for you this week too. Love you!!!
Elder Larkin
Festival Square
Elders in Festival Square
Festival Square Christmas Eve
Festival Square lit up


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