Before I post the latest from Elder Larkin I want to tell you about our Skype with him.  We could not see him well.  He was in an internet club and they keep the lights really dim.  So he was kind of a really blurry outline.  But we could hear him well, and he brought a guy named Andrei to come say hi to us.  
     Andrei was in some pictures a few posts back.  He was baptized in October.  He has since friended Jocelyn and I on Facebook and we have chatted a little.  He is 19 and plans on a mission next October.  It is a miracle to us that we have a son halfway across the world and we are messaging newly baptized members in a tiny branch in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.  
      Back to Skyping, it was great to talk to Elder Larkin and he sounded happy and extremely well.  I have been really worried about him so it made me feel at ease.  Ending the Skype was hard.  I will tell you that there were a few tears shed and leave it at that.  He did tell us that he is not getting transferred, so the next transfer is in February.  Thank you to everyone who sent him a card or something for Christmas.  He said he had received a lot of notes from a lot of people.  We love that so many people love him.  Thank you!
Hey Eveybody!!!
     Ohhhh my goshhhh it was so much fun to Skype with you guys!!!! It literally made my year. Holy cow I miss you guys. It was really fun to see Swens too, make sure that he keeps coming around. And sorry that this e mail is a little late, we decided to email later because we didn’t feel too good and we did a lot of shopping so that’s why this one is a little late. Okay and since I’m like exhausted and not feeling too good, this e mail is going to be a little short. And I’m gonna buy a card reader this week so that I can send a bunch of pics next week, I have like a million. It’s gonna be lit.
     MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!. This week was sooo awesome, our investigators are great, we got three incredible ones who I’m hoping will be baptized soon. We have a guy named Myke and he’s straight killing it in the lessons. He wants to be baptized but he just wants to talk to his parents to make sure its OK. Which is a little bit of a problem because he is sure they will say no.
     Myke is from Nigeria and he’s so sick, he’s such a cool guy. I love him to death, pray for this homie. He needs it. And then we got Vlad and Andrei who are both doing really really good. They both wanna be baptized it’s just a matter of trying to get through some things first.
     So Christmas was pretty dang awesome. President and Sister Sullivan came to Zaprozhye for Christmas and we had four people at church. What a time to be alive. It was so funny, so like all the members here always come up to me and are like YOOO WASSUP or they say some other whack slang that I taught them. And usually they dab after lol it’s hilarious.
    So I was just chilling and talking to Sister Sullivan all professional like (because she hates slang) and one of our youth members, Katya, came up to me and was like YO ELDER T LARK WADDUP and dabbed. Oh my gosh, you should’ve seen the look on Sister Sullivans face, she was like uh excuse me?? I didn’t get in trouble but I feel like next time I see her she’s going to call me out on it. My interview with President Sullivan was really good, he’s such a good guy. He looks out for us here and really wants us to be happy.
   Yeah that’s about what happened this week. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I love ya’ll.
Elder Larkin

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