Hello Everyone,
Dad, I can’t believe that Jacob beat you at settlers!!!!! That’s sooooo hilarious, I wish I could’ve seen it. I’m pumped for your guys’s Christmas present, and even if it doesn’t get here on Friday, there’s this mail service thing called Nova Poshta that sends things in like 3 hours. The mission office always uses it with Christmas gifts so I think everything will be good!!!!
I have Zone Conference in Dnepr this week and I am probably gonna buy new pants because my pants are getting wrecked out here. Elder Marks says there’s a place where I can get good cool pants for like 10 bucks so I’m gonna hit that up. These last few weeks have been AWESOME man here’s what happened.
So this last month overall with Elder Marks has been AMAZING. We’re straight BALLIN everyone. Literally. We play ball with a bunch of University players every Saturday it’s really awesome.
Anyways, Last Sunday Elder Marks and I were trying to meet with a guy who is married to a member, but he isn’t a member. So we called him up and asked if he wanted to meet with us. He said yeah sure, meet at my house at 2:00 and we were like this is gonna be good. But we roll up to his apartment and no one was there so we called him up again and he was like ohhhh I’m so sorry I thought I’d be home by then, can I meet with you here?? and he gave us an address that was like an hour away clear out by the airport.
We were like okay and we get out to the right bus stop eventually, and we had no clue where to go. So we start asking people where this address is and all of a sudden this random guy tells us he knows where it is and tells us to follow him.  I thought I was about to get kidnapped we were walking through these super sketchy woods with abandoned soviet buildings everywhere.
But we eventually end up at a UKRAINIAN ARMY BASE. And I’m so confused at this point, I thought that I was just going to teach a homie the Restoration but nah. Eventually the guy who we were trying to meet with came out of the base (his name is Valera) and he asked if we wanted a tour of the base. Elder Marks and I were literally jumping up and down with excitement haha it was so lit.
We got to see all manner of tanks and huge guns and there were so many dudes with AK’s it honestly looked like something out of call of duty it was so sick. Sadly I didn’t get any pics of it because I forgot my camera and I had no idea that I was gonna be going to an army base. lol. But we’re going back next week!!! So I’ll get some then.
Okay so Elder Marks and I have got soooo many investigators and people right now. We’re gonna try and get two of our best progressing ones on Baptismal date this week. We got Michael, who’s a sick black dude from Nigeria, and he’s been progressing really really well. He said he wants to be baptized but he doesn’t know when. So this week we hopefully will help him figure out when he’ll get baptized.
We also got this dude named Andrei, his story is really really cool. When Elder Marks was first here he was homeless and kind of a bum. But he left to go to the army for a year and now he’s back and he looks way good and has been progressing really well with the lessons. He’s such a nice guy and he wants to be baptized too but he just doesn’t know when. So we are trying to put them both on a date.
I also gave my first talk in Russian yesterday. It was pretty lit, I’ll send a copy of my talk next week or something so you guys can read it. Actually I’ll translate it into English first and then send it haha. I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!
Elder Larkin
Our AWESOME Christmas tree!!
Hot Chocolate!!!

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