Working Out

Hello Everyone!

I’m glad to hear that everything is going good back home!!! That’s hilarious that Lauren got a bunch of names for that service thing. I really wish that I was home for the holidays. Hahaha I’m not even the least bit surprised that Dad found a live webcam in Zaporozhye. The crazy part is that I live right on the square he found!

It is really dark and frozen these days, but I’m honestly not cold. I stay very very warm every day. Nah I’m not gonna buy any boots until after Christmas I think. It’s really not that cold here, and me and Elder Marks don’t contact very much because we have sooooooooo many people we teach.

I just found out that Elder Marks and I will be together at least until December 26th, that’s when transfer calls will be. I really hope that we stay together for longer though, we are having so much success out here. This last week was absolutely amazing, and probably my favorite week on the mission so far. So many miracles and lit things happened. Here’s what went down this week in the one and only Zaporozhye.  I honestly think it was the best week on the mission so far, it was just awesome.

So on Monday we had our thanksgiving activity and it was dang awesome. Elder Marks and I had three investigators there. It was kinda whacked out though, here in Ukraine you seriously can’t buy turkey haha so we just ate like 6 chickens instead. One of the sisters here made pumpkin pie, and it tasted so dang good. It was awesome.

On Tuesday we didn’t have much planned so we went and visited  X. I don’t know if I already told you guys about X but he’s BAAAADDDDDDDDD. His real name is Ahmad and he’s absolutley HUGE. He was a sniper in the Egyptian military and after he retired he became a boxer lolll. This guy is just a beast, he’s one scary homie. He gets ladies too, every time we see him he has about 5 girls w him hahaha. He loves me and Elder Marks and he invited us to go and work out w him at his boxing gym.

So we went and worked out with him and no lie it KILLED me. I haven’t gone to an actual gym in about 6 months and it destroyed me. It’s alright though because I am gonna get JACKED. Maybe. lol.

On Wednesday we went to our library where we do our finding and it went super good. No lie after the english class, we got like four phone numbers in like 20 minutes. We met a girl who was super good looking (I did not notice).  She’s actually way sick too, her name is Ksenye and she was asking me all manner of questions about the church.

On Thursday we met with that American girl Nicole and it actually went wayyyyy good. She asked us lots of questions about the church and surprisingly had never heard of or seen mormon missionaries before. So we both explained why we came on missions and it was actually very spiritual. We’re gonna meet w her again tonight so we’re wayyyy pumped for it. So now this is where our week gets LIT.

On Friday we met w our chess guy Antone and Elder Marks and I had an absolutely KILLER lesson with him. We taught him the plan of salvation and he loved it!!! He was like how can I know if this true? This seems so right how do find out for myself?? So that was 1 new investigator we got this week.

On Saturday we met with this guy named Michael who we’ve become really good friends with. He’s from Nigeria and he’s honestly soooo cool. Me and him are tight because he likes rap music and he absolutely loved the rap that me and Elder Marks made. Anyways, we talked to him while playing ping pong and it went SUPER WELL. He wants to learn more and he’s way open so BANG. Investigator number 2.

Then on Sunday we got ANOTHER investigator named Sergei. One of our other friends, Andrei, brought him to us because he was telling him that he wanted to learn about our church. So all in all we met 3 awesome new investigators in one week. Elder Marks and I counted all of the people who we meet with every week and we came up with TWENTY FIVE. We have sooo many people it’s honestly insane. We’re trying to turn them all into investigators so it’s gonna be so sweet.

I am giving a presentation at that library tonight. You already know I’m gonna rap for the guys there so pray for me. Gotta run, out of time! Peace in the middle east!

Elder Larkin

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