Sadly, No Videos

No videos this week.  They had a General Authority visiting today and we did get a couple of pictures so I will post those below….

Hello Everyone!

It’s so crazy that I made it to Thanksgiving. We’re planning to do a huge Thanksgiving dinner thing for the branch so I’m pretty stoked about it. I got a few e mails from people telling me that Bro Troyer showed our rap to all of his seminary classes hahahaha that’s sooooo funny!!!!!! What a time to be alive haha.  Tell Raymond I say hi next time you see him!!! I can’t believe that he’s already home… time is really flying by. This week I’ll have been out on the mish for FIVE MONTHS. Sheesh it’s going wayyyyy too fast. Oh well I gotta make it count right?? Alright this week has been pretty lit. Here’s what went down out here in Zap this week……

This week was AWESOME investigator wise. We had a ton of lessons and we found a new investigator who is actually normal lol. So out here in Ukraine alot of the people are WHACKKKK. There’s soooo many weird people here, like it’s unreal. Elder Marks and I always joke about how when we get home, the biggest shock is going to be seeing all the normal people. I wish I could take you guys out on the streets here so you could see how insane it is.

Anyways, we found this guy named Zhenya who’s wayyyyy cool and wayyyyy normal. He told us that he’s down to talk about our beliefs and to find out if our church is for him so we’re super stoked about him. I already told you about this dude we found named Daniel, we were gonna talk to him but while we were sitting w him in the branch, one of the other Elder’s investigators came in and started causing some trouble so we weren’t able to. Satan’s out to get my investigators but I ain’t about to let that happen!!!!!

I got to play some more basketball with my Ukrainian homies, and it was pretty fun. Still haven’t lost a game lol. We got a bunch of the basketball guys phone numbers so we are going to meet with them this week sometime.

Today we have this Missionary meeting here in Zap with Elder Kacher (I have no idea how to spell his name lol.) and apparently he’s pretty important haha. After the meeting he’s doing a fireside for investigators, and  Oleg will be there so pray for him. We need it!!!! This could be a game changer for him.

Oh and also Elder Bryson is no longer here in Zap. I’m so sad about it because that guy was LITTTTTTTTTTTT. He’s such a baller, he’s probably one of my favorite people I’ve ever met honestly. It’s alright though I’m probably going to see him soon so it’s alright. Well, life is lit out here in Zaporozhye Ukraine. I hope that I don’t get transferred, like for real this branch is soooo awesome. I’ve already become suuuuppperrrrr good friends with the members and stuff It’ll be hard to say goodbye to them. So yeah pray for me that I don’t get transferred.

I miss and love you all so much!!!!! Keep being awesome. Thanks so much for all the support!!!! See you soon (ish)!!

Elder Larkin

The Fireside…you can barely see Elder Larkin and Oleg. This is in the “chapel” that the branch meets in.
Elder Larkin and Elder Marks. Don’t know who the third one is….
The Zaporozhye Missionaries with President and Sister Sullivan and Elder and Sister Kacher

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