Pictures and Video

Early this morning we received a couple of emails from Elder Larkin.  He did not say anything earth shattering but he did send some pictures.  And a video.  So I am posting it all.  His brothers and sister loved the video.  I take a lot of comfort from the fact that he looks happy and sounds happy.  So…..letter first and then pictures and then if you make it that far you can see the video.

Mom and Dad,

That’s awesome that you talked to Coach Cuff, tell him I say hi!!!! I miss the basketball days. It makes me feel a little bit better though that we got that state ring. It hasn’t snowed yet here, it’s much warmer out here in the East.

Oh and I just learned something a little interesting…. Zaporozhye is only about two hours away from the war lol. I mean I already knew that I was in a War zone cuz sometimes there’s air raid drills and there’s like a bunch of Air sirens that go off and stuff. And there’s always tons of soldiers on the streets but I had no idea that it was that close!!!! I’m not even scared, there are no worries with the lord on my side. I’ve already seen so many different ways that he’s been protecting me out here. It’s so awesome. Ok, here’s what happened this week.

Okay this week was freaking AMAZING. It didn’t start off too good though, Elder Marks and I got a little fed up with our investigators. The spirit is there (for most of them) but they aren’t willing to act so yeahhhh we were a little fed up. Elder Marks got this idea to get a membership at a library with an American Cultural Center to find new investigators.

We went there and THERE WAS ANOTHER AMERICAN WHO WASN’T A MISSIONARY. Her name is Nicole haha and she was freaking out when she met us. There aren’t too many americans in eastern Ukraine, and for good reason lol. But we talked to her and we’re going to do a presentation at the library sometime about America. We’ve already found a bunch of homies from the library it’s been awesome.

Also we found this dude who’s name is Daniel and he’s actually normal!!!! Most Ukrainians out here are WHACK. But this dude is super cool. We’re super stoked about him, we’re going to teach him soon. So Elder Bryson is leaving to go to Poltava tomorrow so on friday me and him did like a final exchange together. We went and hung out with Kostya and his friends (I’ve talked about them before I think) and went to dinner and chilled in Kostyas apartment.

It was sooooo fun because Kostya and his friends do not give two fricks. Hanging w them is a lot different from hanging with the other members cuz these dudes are so funny haha. They’re always talking about their adventures.  One of them, Dima, will probably be baptized soon!!!!! Me and Elder Marks will probably teach him once Bryson leaves.

Now….. Elder Marks and I wrote a song. He plays the Ukulele and I rap over it and no lie, we go contacting like that. We go and just play it for random people and THEY LOVE IT. We had more success contacting doing that than I ever have on my mission it was sooooo funny. We performed it for a bunch of black dudes from Nigeria too haha and they thought it was so sick. I’m sending a vid of us performing it in our apartment.  That’s all that happened this week. Peace in the middle east

I pray for you guys every day. You’re so awesome. I love you!!!!

Elder Larkin

Elder Larkin napping. He is working hard!
Members at Church
Andrei (mentioned in a previous letter)


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