A little note before I post the latest from our Elder Larkin.  He is sometimes short on details.  But what he is short on he more than makes up for in enthusiasm.  We have not heard of Andrei before, but I am sure that there is a lot we don’t know and will have to wait until we Skype at Christmas to find out.  That will be one long conversation.  For now, here is the latest…..

Hey Everybody!!!

Time is honestly flying by. I’ve almost been out 5 months isn’t that crazy?? I still got a lot of time ahead of me though. It’s gonna be lit fam!!!! I got Grandma and Grandpas package, and it TOTALLY made my day.  I’m not exactly sure what I want for Christmas lol. Just send some ties and socks and a lot of chocolate haha. I’m sending home a package for Christmas, I have some pretty awesome stuff picked out for you guys. It’s gonna be sick. Alright here’s what happened this week.

So this week was pretty dang lit. Soooooooo many awesome things happened, I got to play a TON of basketball, me and Elder Marks are writing a song and I got to give Andrei the priesthood. We are ballin out here!!!! Like quite literally, we are ballin out here haha.

I’m super tight w all the University players here and they called me up to play with them on Friday. So me and Elder Marks roll up to the university and it was actually a pretty legit court!!!! I was so pumped about it. But we walked in and there were a bunch of Canadian dudes there and we were like what the heck? We recognized one of them because he’s missionary for a different church and we see him around playing ball from time to time.

But he brought like 8 of his other protestant missionary friends!!!!! It was so crazy, because we were both trying to invite the players to activities at our different churches. I got a little fed up and I was like “ok lets play a game to 21, Mormons vs the Protestants”. No lie….. WE DESTROYED THEM.

On Thursday was zone training and I got to see Elder Peterson!!!!!! Me and him were super tight in the MTC and he just got here because of his reassignment. It was sooo good to see him. Oh and yeah I’m no longer the baby missionary here haha. My Russian has gotten SOOOOOO much better. I’ve gotten to the point where I can talk to pretty much anyone and have a legit conversation. I can understand Ukrainian people wayyyy better now too.

So there’s a dude here named Andrei who was just baptized and I got to give him the Priesthood in church yesterday!!! I did the important first part or whatever in Russian and then the rest in English. It was so sick, Andrei is my age and he wrote a rap for me after I gave him the priesthood LOLLLLLLLLLLLL. It was actually super funny.

I love Zaporozhye, whenever the members see me they start dabbing and rapping and stuff it’s so funny. Even the 70 year olds do it too hahahaha it’s so funny. However, we just found out that Elder Bryson is leaving Zap soon so that’s a little sad. Even though I haven’t known him that long I still consider him as one of  my good friends, he’s honestly one of the coolest dudes ever.

Thats it for this week.  I love you all!!! Thanks so much for all the support!!!!

Elder Larkin

Zone Training In Zaporozhye

One thought on “Andrei

  1. His enthusiasm is what it is all about. So proud of him! They way he is serving is just going to bring more and more to the gospel because of his love of life!


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