Greavens, Chess, and Basketball

Okay so this week was awesome. On Monday I played in a Basketball tourney w my Ukrainian guys and its safe to say that we absolutely destroyed. We didn’t lose a game and we won by more than twenty points in each game. I’m gonna send some pics of it next week, I left my camera in Elder Brysons Apartment lol. So yeahhhh Coach Cuff would be proud haha.

Things were pretty normal until Friday night, we decided to get all of our members and investigators and carve pumpkins!!!!! It was soooooo fun. I have a lot of pics of that too, I’ll send them next week. All our people there absolutely LOVED it too!!!! It was so awesome, that night was probably one of my favorite on the mish.

On Saturday Elder Marks and I were in the Halloween spirit so no lie we went and spent like 300 Greavens on candy. No lie we got soooooooooooo hyper haha Elder Marks started running around on the street and I started to run w him lol. So it was a tiny mormon asian kid, and a tall lanky white mormon kid running around Zaporozhye Ukraine because they ate too much candy. What a time to be alive.

OH AND YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT I JUST GOT REALLY GOOD AT. So here in Ukraine Chess is huuuugggggeeeeee, like everyone plays and everyone is pretty dang good. So a lot of our investigators want to play with us, and I’d always get destroyed cuz I was TRASH. But I have been practicing and now I’m a BALLER. I’ve been taking names and W’s out here. I beat all the missionaries and this dude named Antone who is like a chess master or something.

Alright on a more serious and spiritual note, we had an awesome week w our investigators. We found two new investigators, Iliya and Krishna and neither of them are from Ukraine. Iliya is from Israel and Krishna is from India. And we found this dude named Ahmed who isn’t an investigator yet, but we hope in the future he will be!!!! He’s this HUGE Egyptian dude who was in the Egyptian military. He’s probably one of the sickest dudes I’ve ever met.

So Maxime probably isn’t gonna make his baptismal date cuz we cannot find this dude. He’s legit disappeared. We stopped by his work and no one knew who he was. But thankfully Oleg is still trying. Keep praying for him!!! He has so much potential he just needs an answer from the spirit. So pray for him. Yo Happy Halloween!!!!

Elder Larkin

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