Hi Everyone!!!!!

Everything is going good out here in Zaporozhye!!!!!  Last week was a little rough, but this week has been soooooo much better. I’ll say why in a sec. That is so cool that E is leaving soon!!!! He’s gonna be an awesome missionary. Hearing you talk about A River Runs Through It brings back some good memories. It’s honestly one of my fav movies ever.

Alright, to answer all of your questions haha yes we have heat in our apartment, I am super warm, the heat is on all day and we have extra heaters so i am very very warm haha. It’s all good that you worry, I don’t blame you!! Ukraine is sketchy so yeahhhh it’s all good. And yeah I’ll be able to skype you guys!!!! I’m really looking forward to it too.  Oh and I finally got the package you guys sent me!!!!! Thanks so much for the Ensigns, Dad’s talk and the sheet music. I’ve already learned the Turkish March by Mozart in it. And dad’s talk made me cry, dang I miss you guys. Dad is such a stud. Alright here’s what happened this week.

Okay so we had a mini transfer within a transfer because we got 12 new missionaries from Russia!!!! I know a bunch of them so I’m sooooo pumped that they’re here. My trainer Elder King got transferred to a different area here in Zaporozhe as a Zone Leader so he’s ballin. So since he’s gone, I picked up Elder Marks as my new companion!!!!!! He’s sooooooooooo freaking sick, just imagine me as an Asian and that pretty much describes Elder Marks perfectly haha. We get a long super well, he’s just a cool dude.

His goal is baptize an Asian and he has a Chinese Book of Mormon that he carries around lol. On Friday we were eating dinner at Intourist and like fifty Asian dudes walked in, and Elder Marks got soooo excited and went and started speaking Chinese with all of them hahaha. Apparently they eat there every night so tonight we’re going to go over there and give them our Chinese Book of Mormon. You already know I’m gonna baptize 50 Asian dudes!!!!!

So on our first day together, Elder Marks and I taught a lesson to our new investigator Sasha. Now Sasha is kind of a whack guy, he doesn’t have a job, and he just trains for MMA all day every day. We met him through English practice and wasn’t too interested in the church at first But he said he wanted to hear our beliefs. So we started teaching him the restoration, and we told him about how God and Jesus appeared to Joeseph Smith.

As we told him this he was like “you mean that aliens appeared to him?” and we were like um, no it was God and Jesus Christ. And he just shook his and was like no no no Jesus Christ was an alien, and we legit had a two hour discussion on whether Jesus Christ was an alien. It was actually pretty funny haha but honestly i felt like I left that meeting with a significantly less amount of brain cells.

So, Maxime has been worrying us this last week. He hasn’t been answering any of our calls!!!! So me and Elder Marks are planning on trying to find him at work to see what is going on. Keep praying for him!!!! And keep praying for Oleg, I can see the prayers and spirit working on him!!!! Elder Marks and I had a lesson with him yesterday and it was AWEEESOOMMMEEEEEEEE.

He’s a read A TON of the Book of Mormon, and we had an awesome discussion about King Noah and Abinadi. We told him he’s doing an awesome job at reading, but he needs to pray along with it. He said he’d do it and he even offered a prayer at the end of the lesson.

Oh and Today I’m going to Khortitsa to play in a basketball tournament, I’m so pumped cuz Ukrainians stink at basketball. They make me look like Lebron James out here. I’m trying to get my soccer homies from Morocco to do a soccer tournament with me next week so hopefully that goes down. So Yeah life couldn’t be better!!! Seeing these Ukrainians come unto Christ has been so awesome. I’m so glad that I’m out here. Thanks so much for the support and prayers!!!!!!!

I love and miss you guys so much!!!! Time is flying by, and before we know it, I’ll be back home with all you guys. I love you!!!!!

Elder Larkin

More Zaporozhye
Bundled up and headed out

3 thoughts on “Chinese

  1. Elder Larkin.

    I must say I LOVE hearing from you!

    There is so much excitement in your letters it makes me just smile. The way you express yourself is GREAT!

    So happy you get to play some hoops with investigators. I’m sure your companions love to be matched with you because you know how to work and work hard . You are a blessing to the Mission President because he knows he can count on you.

    Just remember the memories and friends you are making now will be something you will still be talking about when you are Hugh’s age!!! So many lessons are being learned while you are on your mission.

    I’m sure it cold as cold by now. I’d love to see a photo of you all bundled up with a furry hat on. Maybe you could send one next letter.

    Keep strong and follow the spirit……..all else will fall into place.


    Grandma Claudia


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