Getting Colder

Here is the latest from Elder Larkin….

Hello Everyone,

Time is just flying by, I can’t believe it’s already been another week. Alright, here’s what happened in my week.

This week we had zone conference and that was pretty dang awesome. President gave us a lot of good insights and things to try out so we’re pretty pumped about this next week. Elder King and I had to rescue the AP’s haha they came down from Dnepropetrovsk pretty late and didn’t get here until like 11:00 at night.

We were in bed and our phone started going off and we were like what the heck? The AP’s got here and realized that they didn’t have a place to stay haha and we were the only ones that answered the phone. They were clear on the other side of the city though so we had to go rescue them out of the cold. It was funny haha. We were the heroes.

Oh, so last week we got a new sister in Zap, her name is Sister Parkhomenko and she’s from Kiev. She’s pretty funny, she came into the mission the same day as me. She actually knows Elder Eard from the Spain MTC lol. She was having a rough time during zone conference and I kinda was too I’m not gonna lie. I hadn’t been homesick until then but me and Sister Parkhomenko bonded and got through it so it was good.

Not much has changed around here, our investigators are doing great, I’m still rapping and preaching so I’m just living the dream. So yeah things are good!!! But when it gets cold here in Ukraine it is SOOOOO depressing and let me tell you why. Most of the people here drink and smoke a lot. Like we’re talking like half the population is alcoholics. It’s insane.

And the nights here are insanely cold. Like it’s pretty miserable to be out contacting at night. So when people go to bars and get drunk and they don’t have a designated driver, sometimes they pass out on the sidewalks and maybe they wake up and maybe they don’t. So on some days there’s just bodies out there on the sidewalk….. I saw my first one on Friday. And no one cares, you see like these little kids stepping over people all the time and it is so depressing. So yeah, Ukraine isn’t quite as hoppin now that it is cold.

I pray for you everyday, I’m so glad that everything is good!!! Keep praying for Maxime and Oleg, also pray for our two new guys, Dmitri and Igor.  I love you so much!

Elder Larkin

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