Before I post the latest from Zaporozhye; a few of you have asked about packages.

Sending through UPS or USPS is extremely expensive.  The mission home sent us information on a company called Roxolana LTD that ships packages to Eastern Europe and is significantly cheaper.

The website is

Their phone number is (973) 538-3888

  1. Call the number above and ask for Michael. (I am confident his name isn’t really Michael)
  2. Tell him that you need to send a package to Ukraine
  3. He will email you a prepaid UPS label which you put on the box you’re sending
  4. You fill out a customs form (found on the website)
  5. You put the customs form in a clear pouch on the outside of the box.  (Wherever you drop off the box to be shipped will have one of these document pouches)
  6. Also in the pouch you include a check.  The cost of shipping is $53.90 for a 10 lb box and 10 lbs is the minimum.  For each additional pound you add $2.89 to the check total.  The check is made out to Roxolana LTD.
  7. It takes about two weeks to get the package to the mission.  Each package goes to the mission office.  The address (for customs form) is:

          Elder Tanner Larkin

          Dmytra Yavornytskogo 27A, 5th Floor

          Dnieper 49044


8.  You do not put the mission name, only as it looks above.  There is a place on the                      customs form for the mission phone number.  That number is 380 5679 0 99 58.

There you have it.  We are certainly not soliciting packages…..some have asked and after a lot of research we have discovered that this cumbersome method is in fact the best.  We have used it and it works fine.  The keys are to maximize your ten pounds and to plan ahead.  Using this method it takes about 3 weeks for a package to reach the mission.  There you go.  Now on to what Elder Larkin says this week!

Hey Everybody!

Time is just flying by…. it definitely doesn’t seem like I’ve been on the mish for that long. It’s so awesome that Steven and Camille had their baby!!!! That is so awesome. Also tell them that I got their letters!!!! I hung up the pictures that they drew for me in my apartment. I love them so much they’re so awesome.

Yes I am staying very warm haha. Today I’m going to Timberland to buy a more heavy duty coat. I withdrew a lot of cash last week and some more today so I can buy one. I have enough bedding too haha I sleep with like 8 blankets every night. And I sleep in my nike sweats and hoodie lol because the nights are absolutely FREEZING. The days aren’t that bad, I just wear a suit or a sweater but the nights kill me.

Okay so this last week was nothing short of INSANE. On Monday I went biking on Khortitsa with Elder Bryson and his investigator Kostya. Kostya is probably my favorite Ukrainian that I’ve met so far haha. He is soooooo funny, he drove us to Khortitsa in his new car and the whole time he was blasting ASAP rocky and lil wayne so I was happy with that. I’m not exactly sure what he does for work…. he refuses to tell us so we think he’s mafia. We just know that he is super loaded w cash and that everyone seems to know him. Anyways biking w him was a blast, I took a bunch of pics of Khortitsa and I’ll try to send them in this e mail.

On Wednesday we met w this man named Visilee, he’s not exactly right in the head but he is probably the nicest guy ever. He’s a taxi driver and so sometimes he gives us rides to his house when we wanna meet with him. The first time I went to his house I was soooooooooo surprised. He lives in this absolutely downright BEAUTIFUL neighborhood in a dang nice house. We were so surprised because we would have never expected him to have lots of money. His dad apparently was very wealthy and Visilee inherited a ton of his money. Who knew. He’s so nice and kind but his family treats him terribly cuz he’s LDS. It’s so sad but he’s still so faithful and kind.

On Saturday we met w Maxime and no lie…. it was the best lesson we’ve ever taught. It was like those ones that they speak about in conference talks. Speaking of conference I had to watch in Russian and so I didn’t understand a lot haha. But it was still cool. Anyways the spirit was so strong in the lesson, Maxime was into it, and he had lots of very good questions for us. Everything went absolutely perfectly. And guess what….. WE COMMITTED HIM TO BAPTISM. He’s going to be baptized on November 5th.  After that lesson me and Elder King were jumping up and down in the rain dancing and stuff it was so funny. So yeah we are super stoked about that. Oleg is kinda struggling lately, not as much cool stuff has happened, and so we’re gonna give him a short break. Keep praying for him though he’s an awesome guy!!!!

Thanks so much for all of the love and support!!!! I love and miss you guys so much!!! Keep ballin out for me!

Elder Larkin

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