This weeks letter is a little different.  When it comes in at 3 am and we start reading about some of his experiences it is a little disconcerting.  Then we remember where he is and some of the happenings this week are probably pretty normal.  We loved the pictures at the end.  He looks great!

Hello Everyone!

So yeah, transfers were this week!! And no I didn’t get transferred and I would’ve been very sad if I did. I LOVE Zaporozhe. It’s such a cool city, and the people here are way nicer than in Dnepropetrovsk. I’m super glad that you’re praying for Oleg and putting his name in at the temple. We had an AWESOME lesson with him yesterday. He’s such a great guy, literally all he needs is to receive an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. He’s going to watch conference this weekend with us so we hope that it’ll be a game changer.

Sadly one of my favorite investigators is moving to Dubai and I’m so sad about it. Her name is Katya, and I don’t know if I’ve told you guys about her or not, but shes this Ukrainian girl and she’s super smart. She got a job working in Dubai so that’s why she’s moving. I told her to find Missionaries in Dubai but I don’t there are any lol.  She leaves on Sunday so I’ll get some pictures w her and send them next week.

This last week was rather interesting haha I got asked by an investigator if I’ve ever done drugs, and I got asked to be married to some Ukrainian girl. What a time to be alive. I get to go to Khortitsa again today and I’m going to take a lot of pics so I can send them next week.

I have to say that I absolutely love my companion. Elder King is a STUD, we have so much success together over these last few weeks and I’m so grateful. We found a new investigator off the street whose name is Maxime. He’s super cool and we’re hoping to meet w him tomorrow or Wednesday. So pray for him too!!!

President Sullivan came to Zaporozhe on Thursday and gave a discussion on Baptism. We brought Oleg to it and he LOVED it. We are so dang close, I say either this week or next week he decides to be baptized. Oh so I should probably enlighten you on the drugs and marriage story haha.

At Presidents meeting I was talking to this girl that Elder Bryson met at our favorite restaurant. It’s like a 5 star fine dining place but it legit costs about 3 bucks to eat there. It’s awesome. Anyways, she works there and I was just talking to her about the church.

She asked me why I’m here and I told her my story of how at first I didn’t really want to go on a mission and I thought that being happy was with money and parties and stuff like that. And she asked me if I’ve done cocaine hahaha and I was like uhhh NO. And she started telling me all of her experiences w cocaine and I was like what in the heck is going on. And then one of our investigators Lillya asked me if I could marry her and have kids with her. I laughed pretty hard until I realized that she was serious. Don’t even worry I told her no too. So yeah that’s how my week was lol.

Don’t worry, I’m staying warm out here in Zap, I bought a coat and a bunch of sweaters and gloves. I found a super cool Ukrainian brand called Arber that sells sweaters for pretty cheap so I’m doing pretty good. I have plenty of money and food so I’m just living the dream out here!!! I love you so much!! I pray for all of you every day. I miss you!!!!

Elder Larkin

Oh, so these are some pics of my basketball and soccer homies. The white dudes are from Ukraine and the darker guys are from Morocco and there names are Ryslan, Yevgenee, Osama and Ahmed. They are soooo funny I love them so much.


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