So we got a letter today.  A few notes…..the story about Jens is a story about Jens seeing a sign with a bad word on it and reading it out loud.  If I haven’t told you about it, don’t worry, it’s probably not worth it, just know Elder Larkin thought it was really funny.

He still sounds great.  I did email back and forth with his mission presidents wife about cold weather and whether what he has is adequate.  Do we ever stop worrying??? Regardless, here is this weeks installment……

Hello Everybody!!!

Yoooo wassup!!!!! That story about Jens is HILARIOUS. I’m dying ha ha thats so funny. I read Jake’s e mail about him playing forward now! That is so sick. He’s such a baller. I have the best little brothers in the world honestly.
Thats too bad about BYU. It seems like they are soooo dang close! Hopefully they get their act together.
Yes Sister Sullivan called me ha ha. I assure you that I am warm. Yes it is absolutely freezing lol but I got a jacket that is super warm and I’m gonna go buy some sweaters and beanies today. Don’t worry about me being warm, my homies take real good care of me down here.
So this week was absolutely AMAZING. I had soooo many adventures haha it was such a good time. So two days ago Me, Elder Bryson, Elder King, and Elder McLeary returned to Khortitsa to play in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. We found the place and the people and it looked like it was gonna be FUN. We got invited to play in it w a few of our basketball friends and we thought it would be a good opportunity to invite people to our English class.
That’s how we get all of our investigators. It’s like a funnel, we invite them to English and then Sport night(soccer) and then game night, and then by this time they are curious somewhat about our church! It works really well. Oh and at game night we play Settlers of Catan! It’s huge over here but they’re all terrible so I dominate.
Anyways we went to the tourney, and they knew we were American. Whenever people find out we’re Americans they either freak out and start asking us questions ha ha or they’re freaking stupid and try to get money from us. The people at the tourney told us we had to pay 500 greven to play, which is like 20 bucks and we were like heck no.
So we decided to go search for the magical restaurant that me and Elder Bryson found last week. We found it but they wouldn’t let us eat because we dressed in hoodies and shorts!!!! We were not happy. But then we went and played basketball somewhere else so it was alright. I DOMINATE in basketball here. The Ukrainians aren’t too good. They are much better at soccer ha ha.
My Russian is getting pretty good. Elder King and I started only speaking in Russian from 9am to 9pm everyday. So it’s rapidly getting better. I love Russian it’s such a dope language. I want to try and learn Ukrainian too later. When I get home I wanna study both at BYU.
So we have this awesome progressing investigator, I’ve talked about him a little bit already, his name is Oleg. He’s super cool, he’s the head of security for some security firm here in Ukraine. He drives a car and has the most beautiful family.The first time I met him was during an English lesson and I asked Elder King, Is he an investigator?? and he was like nah. I said I feel good about him, I don’t know why but I do.
We decided to ask him if he wanted to learn about our church and he said not really just English. But our next lesson he came with a bunch of questions about our church!!!! We’ve had quite a few lessons with him and yesterday we taught him the Plan of Salvation. After taught him all the parts he sat back and said “wow… I think this is true” and then he asked what he needed to do to go to the celestial kingdom.
We told him he has to be baptized and he stopped and there was like a 5 minute pause of the most spiritual silence ever. He said, I will be baptized if I read this book and pray about it and receive an answer from God that it is true. We didn’t have to ask him too! Dad I think I’m on the verge of my first Baptism here in Ukraine! We’ve been working so hard and it’s definitely paying off.
Me Elder King, Elder Bryson, and Elder Bunker are ballin out though, we have tons of investigators and we are having so much fun. What a time to be alive. I love it here!!! I miss you guys so much I pray for all of you every day!!!! Love you!!!!!!
Elder T Lark

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