Khortitsa Island

Hello Everyone,

I’m sooooooo glad to hear that everything is going good!!!!  To answer another question I get a lot, I live in a super ghetto apartment building haha. It’s huge, It’s covered in graffiti and it’s pretty run down. And it’s like one of the nicer ones here too haha. I just live w my companion Elder King. We have a good time. I email you guys from an Internet club about two blocks away from my apartment. It’s pretty lit haha.

This week was probably my favorite one so far on the mission. On Monday after I e mailed you me and elder Bryson went on an exchange and went to Khortitsa with some investigators. Khortitsa is an Island on the Dnepr river that is insanely beautiful. It’s probably one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been.

We went biking and stuff on the island, but after our investigators left, me and Elder Bryson got lost haha. We were seriously walking through this forest, thinking we’re going to die out here on Khortitsa, and we come across this restaurant. It was in the middle of nowhere, like there were no roads leading to it and it was just a little sketchy.

Me and Elder Bryson walked into it, and we realized that it was like a super upper class fine dining place, and we were just wearing our t shirts and basketball shorts. We asked the hostess lady if we could eat and she said of course and no lie, it was the BEST food I’ve had in a very very very long time. It was soooo good. Words cant express how good it was. After we got back we tried asking some natives if they heard of it, but none of them knew what it was. We’re gonna try and go back and find it because it was epic.

We found a ton of new investigators this week, I think we have 7 now. We are so busy here, I’m honestly living the dream. I couldn’t be happier. I’d tell more stories but I have like no time!!! I love you all so much!!!   Thank you so much for all of the letters, I love them!

Elder Larkin

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